2013 Project Recap

Hi y’all! Is everyone back at work/school today or are you guys still on break?

We are back in the swing of things and I decided I wanted to recap a couple of my favorite projects from 2013 before we jump into 2014. I also have a confession to make…there are several projects from 2013 that I haven’t gotten around to posting yet…sigh :( But I promise they will be up soon, probably on my Sunday rest days!

Hands down my favorite project of the year is my master bedroom coffee station. Not because it is pretty or incredibly stylish but because it is SO functional. This is the one thing that has really changed how my day starts and continues. If any of you require coffee to get going and have space in your bedroom this is a must!

Of course I also love any reason to create a fun gallery wall.


The runner up project is our nautical downstairs bathroom makeover.

Painting the vanity was my first attempt at chalk paint and I used a DIY recipe. I love the way the stripes turned out too!Would you hate me if I admitted that the stripes above the tub still aren’t complete?? I took a spill off my latter trying to reach up there and I just had to say forget this for a little while. They will get finished eventually but I am not stressin’ about it.

Most of all I love the gold anchor knobs. They were knobs from Hobby Lobby and with a little gold Rub’n Buff they became the focal point in the room. Please tell me if I go too anchor crazy.

I can’t forget the penny tile on the floor. Okay, this is my favorite part, not the knobs, and my dad labored over installing these. Love you dad!

I know, I know I still owe you a full post about the tile too :)



And in third place we have the halloween vignette. If you remember this was my very first vignette and my first real holiday post. It was so fun creating it with my son and we think it turned out really cute, especially for first timers!


I also enjoyed all of the holiday projects that little man and I worked so hard on. You can see a lot of them here on my Christmas Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour post.

Please browse through the Project Diaries tab at the top navigation bar or click here and you can see all of our projects. You can also use the search function on the right hand side if you are searching for something specific.

You can also see more pictures of our home on the Tour My Home tab or just click here.

Thank you guys so much for being here and following along, old and new readers! You guys are the reason this blog is so much fun!

So long 2013 and cheers to the New Year!


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