2017 Gift Guide For The Gadget-Minded Grown Up

Happy Tuesday friends!

Today is the first day of my 2017 gift guides and I decided to start with the all the techy, gadety goodness! I’m pretty sure I just made up both of those words :) Regardless, I’m kind of into this type of gifts this year and I’m considering quite a few of these for my family and friends!

I won’t go through all of them but I’ll touch on a few of my favorites! You can click any of the images below for more information.

Drone – I’m considering a drone for my 9-year old and this one has good reviews and an affordable price tag.

Spike Ball – Lots of people play this game at my gym and I’ve been dying to try it! This could be a fun family game to keep at the beach house!

Amazon Echo Show – You really can’t go wrong with an Alexa product and I’m super excited about the new version that now incorporates a screen. It can play videos and even take and make calls to other Amazon Echo units! This might be on my own list this year.

Fitbit Blaze Special Edition – I’m in the market for a new Fitbit and I love this one with the gold frame. I would have to swap out the hot pink band but it’s worth it for the gold frame IMO!

Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer – Having a pressure washer is super useful around the house and I’m considering this one for our family. Thanks John & Sherry for the recommendation!

Okay folks, I’ll stop talking now and let you check out the rest of the gadget gifts! Happy Shopping!

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Okay, I’m dying to know…have you guys started shopping? Are you done yet or do you plan to hit the sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? You will definitely not see me in the stores Friday but I will be stalking the online deals! Check back for more gift guides and important sales info!


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