2020 Real Life Holiday Gift Guide

2020 real life holiday gift guide

2020 Real Life Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! I’m excited to have my 2020 Real Life Holiday Gift Guide up in plenty of time this year because there are some wicked sales going on already.

I tried to include a wide range of price points, as I’m sure this year might be tighter than other years for many, and being cost conscious is important to me. I hope this gift guides gives you some great ideas or at least helps organize your own lists.

And since Christmas shopping is just getting started for most of you I’ll keep updating this post with new or sale items as the season progresses. Make sure to bookmark it or follow along on Instagram or Facebook so you don’t miss any updates. Enjoy!


AirPod Pros

I think I must have weird earhole openings (gross wording!) but I can’t seem to fit any standard Apple earbuds. So I was happy to see that the AirPod Pros are on sale ($50 off!) and these are definitely on my wish list this year.

2020 Real Life Holiday Gift Guide airpod pros

Crawler Earrings

These crawler earrings are super cute and I get compliments on them daily. My ears and skin are pretty sensitive and these have not bothered my ears at all! They really go with anything, dressy or casual, and I wear them almost every day. They come in three colors too, silver, gold and rose gold.

2020 Real Life Holiday Gift Guide crawler earrings

Lululemon Leggings

It’s no surprise that the Lululemon Align leggings made the gift guide again this year and I love this new Diamond Dye pattern! FYI, I think Lulu runs a little small and I typically wear and 8 in their leggings but the align are not as restricting and I wear a 6 in these!

2020 Real Life Holiday Gift Guide lululemon leggings

Cozy Slippers

I’m a sucker for a good “grandma” slipper and they don’t have to be fancy, they just have to be comfy for me! I’ve had these Target slippers for years and it’s finally time for them to be replaced. The ones I have are brown and I’m buying the exact same ones in gray! These would make a great stocking stuffer or Christmas eve gift! :)

holiday slippers 2020 Real Life Holiday Gift Guide

Mini Backpack

We’ve been doing so much biking and riding our Onewheels lately that I’ve ditched the pocket book for a mini backpack. The one I had just broke and I ordered this Herschel mini backpack and it will be here this week. I can’t live without one of these! Of course these are great for teen girls too!

mini backpack

Makeup Remover Towel

I haven’t used this before but I have friends who rave about this makeup remover towel. All you do is soak it in warm water and, voila, it removes all makeup! Another great stocking stuffer or for any makeup-wearing female in your life. It’s on sale too.

original makeup eraser

Star Wars Mandalorian Lego Set

What tweenager (girl or boy) doesn’t want an adorable baby Yoda Lego Set? And if you haven’t watched the Mandalorian on Disney+ you need to! A Disney+ subscription would also be a great gift idea for the kiddos! My son and his friends talk about it nonstop.

baby yoda lego set

Instant Pot

This is clearly not breaking news but I bet there are still a few people left that don’t own and Instant Pot. I’m here to convert you! This is my go-to, ride-or-die kitchen appliance and I use it for everything. I love cooking chicken in it fast to shred up for dinner, potatoes and of course the perfect boiled egg.

instant pot

**UPDATE: For those of you who have smaller kitchens or don’t like to have multiple large appliances I’ve heard great things about this all-in-one Ninja pressure cooker, slow cooker and air fryer!

Smart Pet Feeder

I think I am on my 3rd attempt at finding a decent, reliable automatic pet feeder and I’m pretty confident in saying that I love this one so far! It’s a bit pricier than feeders that you can’t control with an app on your phone but the upgrade is definitely worth it. I have total control over when my cats eat if I’m at home or away and it has saved me a ton of stress!

smart pet feeder gift idea

Speks Magnets

These are a little on the pricey side but they are super strong Speks Magnets. I don’t my son will ever tire of building things, especially magnets, and these would make a cool gift for an older boy.

heavy duty speks magnets

Recipe Box

I love this sweet little recipe box so much and it makes the perfect hostess gift or to chef in your group. Put your own handwritten recipe inside to make it extra special. There is just something wonderful about a handwritten recipe. It comes in three different patterns too!

cute recipe box family gift

Always Pan

I cannot tell you how many people have raved about this Always Pan from Our Place. I have to admit, I’ve been INFLUENCED! I have not used it yet but I did buy it for someone in my family for Christmas and I can’t wait for it to get here. Would it be rude for me to try it out first?? I feel like I should make sure it’s safe ;) I’m hoping the reviews I’ve heard are right and I’m going to get huge brownie points for this gift. It’s on major sale too!

our place always pan

Neverflat Basketball

I mean, can you really go wrong with any sports equipment for a tween/teen boy? My son says this is the best basketball and it is top on his list.

2020 gift guide neverflat basketball

Golden Hour Palette

I love, love, love this all-in-one Golden Hour Palette from Beautycounter. I would buy it for the shimmery highlighter alone but I love having one tool for shadows, blush and a highlighter. It’s perfect for someone who craves a simple makeup routine (like myself) but also wants clean products. I could go on and on about Beautycounter gifts but I won’t. Feel free to email if you have any questions! You can find other Beautycounter gift ideas HERE, and more about the huge Black Friday sale that is going on right now HERE.

beautycounter golden hour palette holiday gift set

Weighted Blanket

This over-sized weighted throw blanket with a removable cover (that doesn’t cost a bajillion dollars) is on sale and would be perfect for almost anyone. Who doesn’t love a warm, cozy blanket. It also has a 4 1/2 star review!

weighted throw blanket

Another great idea that is always appreciated is a subscription to something. I love the idea of gifting a MasterClass subscription, a diaper service to a new mom, or a meal service like Hello Fresh.

Thanks for reading and I hope this list sparked some gifting inspiration. If you want to check out last year’s gift guide that is still pretty relevant you can find that HERE.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving no matter what your celebration looks like this year! xoxo


2020 holiday gift guide pin

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