5 Reasons 1990’s Fashion Styles Are Back!

5 Reasons 1990's Fashion Styles Are Back! 90210


5 Reasons 1990’s Fashion Styles Are Back!

Happy Monday friends!

If you read the title of today’s post you either deleted it or clicked on it immediately, I’m guessing. Being a child of the 90’s – the only decade that I thought fashion would never circle back around – I feel obligated to share the news. It’s bbaaacckkk!!!

I’ve noticed certain fashion trends it the media lately, but what truly brought it to my attention was when I saw my boyfriend’s 15-year-old daughter sporting a pair of Nike Air Max’s that she picked up on a thrift shopping expedition. I stopped in my tracks and thought to myself, “Whoa, whoa, whoa….what is happening?” Don’t worry, La, you rocked them!

I have also witnessed my neighbor, a hip and cool (male) millennial sporting a fanny pack. His manny fanny pack is a true representation of the 90’s model, not the new modern hip bags (which is a travesty to change the terminology in my opinion), that I can definitely appreciate. We love you and your manny pack Rob :)

So here are my favorite 90’s fashion styles (or pitfalls depending on your perspective):

1. Fanny Pack (or manny pack)

This is truly the most functional fashion piece from the 1990’s that got the worst rap. But think about it logically ladies. It’s a purse that goes around your waist! What could be better than that? No issue with having your hands tied up or shoulder straps to worry about. I’m all for the resurgence!

5 Reasons 1990's Fashion Styles Are Back! fanny pack


2. Nike Air Max (or the tennis shoe trend – Keds and old school Reebok’s included)

Tennis shoes back, even the super comfortable and fun Air Max! Vans are probably this generation’s version of Keds so this trend really didn’t stray too far away.

And don’t forget about tight-rolling!

5 Reasons 1990's Fashion Styles Are Back! nike


3. Scrunchies

I’m proud to say I’m a new owner of few scrunchies! I clearly wore them as a fashion statement in the 90’s but I forgot how much better they feel in your hair than a tight rubber band. I’m really not sure why we let these go in the first place!

90’s Scrunchie:

5 Reasons 1990's Fashion Styles Are Back! scrunchie


Modern Scrunchie:

5 Reasons 1990's Fashion Styles Are Back! modern scrunchie


4. Oversized women’s clothes + thrift store shopping

Think Duckheads, loud and over-sized Tommy Hilfiger button down shirts (for girls) and you would have nailed my wardrobe! I’m not sure how this ever became a style but I’m seeing lots of slouchy, over-sized sweaters and boyfriend jeans back in full force. Sorry guys, I think frumpy is on the rise for the ladies. Yikes!

I remember going to Goodwill to buy clothes and loving it! Maybe this is where the trend of not having clothes that actually fit came about. Did you thrift shop for close int he 90’s.

5 Reasons 1990's Fashion Styles Are Back! oversized


5. Mom Jeans & Overalls

Mom jeans, distressed, acid washed, and overalls. I could go on and on but you get the picture! One positive here is that the styles have been modernized so at least we’ll look a little cuter than we did before. If nothing else, at least the permed hair and tall bangs aren’t back….yet…

5 Reasons 1990's Fashion Styles Are Back! overalls


BONUS: I’m praying that the embroidered vests (like Jessie’s below) and shoulder pads both stay away. But you might be able to twist my arm into rocking the vest again! Just sayin’!

Another funny thing to note is that although, oversized, boyish attire was all the rage, so were plaid mini skirts and crop tops. Go figure!

5 Reasons 1990's Fashion Styles Are Back! saved by the bell

What do you think? Are you welcoming the 90’s back or should we let sleeping dogs lie? If nothing else, I hope this made you smile a little on your Monday morning :)



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  1. I just remember Mom putting my Air Maxs in the microwave to dry them faster and the air pockets expanded. 🤣🤣 We had to throw them away.

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  3. I’m way ahead of the game since I love fanny packs and have used it for years while traveling! I look like a total tourist (and a dork I’m sure).

  4. I was just looking at the Target website last week and thought the exact same thing. I personally loved the 90’s. I’m not sure I could pull off all the styles I used to, But some of them will definitely be added to my wardrobe!

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