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A Day Date in our Home Town: Charlotte City Guide (Part 1)

A Day Date in our Home Town: Charlotte City Guide (Part 1)

Happy Wednesday friends…wait is it Wednesday?! I don’t know about you but this short week has got me all messed up! Sorry we’ve been away the last few days but there have been a few family things going on that we are recovering from but we’re all good and back at it!

A Day Date in our Home Town: Charlotte City Guide (Part 1)

A couple of weeks ago my mom was home from the beach and generously offered to babysit for the whole day and my other half and I were able to spend the entire day exploring our city. We had thought about getting out of town to either the mountains or the beach for the night but ultimately decided that there were a few new places in Charlotte we wanted to try and it felt really great to stay home and enjoy our own city for a change!

Isn’t it so funny how you can get stuck in your routines and forget (or don’t even think about) all of the great restaurants, bars, coffee shops and sights in your own city or town? I think this is definitely true across the board no matter where you live, right? Well, I’m happy to say we finally took advantage of our city and I’m excited to share with you the places we tried as well as a few of our tried and true favorites and a couple others that are still on our bucket list!

Hyde Brewing Company +  Suffolk Punch

Our first stop was Hyde Brewing and Suffolk Punch. These are two brand new places housed in the same building right on the light rail line and lucky for us it was opening day! They both had such a cool vibe and the food and drinks we tried were really great too!

What I love about this place is that it’s a one stop shop! A cool brewery with unique food and delicious coffee all in one. There was live music and even entertainment for the kiddos. We will definitely be back here!

A Day Date in our Home Town: Charlotte City Guide (Part 1)

Inside the restaurant and coffee bar.


South End Shopping at Atherton Mill

The next stop was shopping around the South End neighborhood of Charlotte. My favorites are Not Just Coffee and the Atherton Farmer’s Market, Anthropologie, Free People, and the new Warby Parker store. This is such a cool and eclectic shopping experience and it’s fun to just walk around with a coffee in hand.

I’m really loving this slouchy v-neck sweater and cute bralette from Free People!

King of Pops

If you are even remotely from this area you know that a hot day around town is not complete without treating yourself to a popsicle from King of Pops. You can find their carts all over the city but we love going in the actual brick and mortar. My favorite flavor is Cookies & Cream and Kevin’s favorite is Sea Salt Caramel. This is definitely a must try if you’ve never had one!

Sycamore Brewing

I think we would both agree that Sycamore is our favorite brewery in the city…hence all the pictures! The beer garden is huge and perfectly curated and there is always great music and delicious beers on tap. My favorite beer is the Open Water Session IPA and Kevin loves the seasonal Salty Coconut Ale.

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery is a close second!


The Papi Queso food truck (our favorite!) is here weekday evenings and Friday lunches. The specialty burgers and grilled cheese are all to die for. I think we’ve tried everything on the menu!


Seoul Food Meat Co.

This spot was a happy accident as we were looking for another place we wanted to try but couldn’t get over how cute it was on the outside. We just had to check out the inside. The menu is extremely creative – Korean flavor with a southern twist is how I would describe it!

They are known for their wings and they did not disappoint. We tried both flavors and liked them both but if we had to choose the soy garlic was our favorite!

The bloody Mary and mimosa bar were the icing on the cake!


I’m a sucker for a pretty bar too and the customer service was fantastic! This definitely is a little hidden gem!

U.S. National White Water Center

We did not actually make it to the USNWC on this particular day but I had to include it because this is probably one of our top 5 places to hang out in the whole city! We bought season passes this year and have thoroughly enjoyed it! Even if you don’t have passes or don’t want to pay for the adventure part you can come anytime to grab a beer and listen to music for free (or I should say $5 to park).  Thursdays and Saturdays for River Jam are the best!

Foxcroft Wine Co.

We ended the night with some wine, truffle fries and donuts at Foxcroft Wine Co. and it really lived up to the hype! I’ve been wanting to sit on this patio ever since I first saw the string lights go up and it was everything I thought it would be. Great atmosphere, fantastic wine of course, yummy food and just an all around classy joint. I felt like a real adult here…haha! Seriously though, besides the wine, the fries and donuts were on point! Obviously we fell off the eating wagon that day. But, hey, that’s why I work out so hard at CrossFit, right?!?


Well guys, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed our little day date travel guide through the Queen City! And sorry to leave you with this terrible picture but it’s the only unfortunate selfie we took! I wish I had more professional pictures but if I were focusing on the photography I wouldn’t be enjoying the date now would I?

If you are from the Charlotte area I’m dying to know some of your favorite places! What did we miss or where should we try next? Here is a list of some of our go-to favorites as well as a few that are still on our list to try.


Food + Drinks

Tupelo Honey, The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery and Price’s Chicken Coop in SouthEnd

Haberdish, Cabo Fish Taco and Amelie’s in NoDa

RuRu’s and Sir Edmond Halley’s in Myers Park

Sabor, Earl’s Grocery and Anntony’s Caribbean Cafe in Elizabeth

Dish and Zada Jane’s and in Plaza Midwood

On our to-try list:

The Packhouse

Midwood Smokehouse

Kid Cashew

Tupelo Honey

If you want to see some of the other places we’ve visited check out our Roadtrip Reality series HERE.


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  1. I love your blog. I just stumbled upon it and can’t wait to see what all you have tucked inside. THEN to my surprise I find that you’re in Charlotte…..my neighbor down the road as I am from the huge town of Catawba just an hour away.

  2. NoDa Brewing is a huge favorite! Good beer, great people! Also, if you feel like a small trek, Kindred in Davidson is probably the best meal you’ll ever have, complete with amazing service and simply fantastic people!! Be warned about the milk bread! :)

    1. Thanks so much Shannon! I LOVE Kindred and I actually live in Cornelius. I’ll probably write a post about things to do at the Lake soon. I haven’t been to NoDa yet so I’ll definitely put that on my list!

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