A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

Breathe. Just breathe. I start most days overall feeling positive but as the day goes on my list gets longer and the time gets shorter. It’s inevitable. I’m running from place to place without a clear path ahead and by the time I sit down I realize that I haven’t done the things that HAVE to get done and we are behind on homework and dinner and it just snowballs from there. 

So we decided to finally get our act together and establish a working family schedule. I am a very laid back, go with the flow girl and following a strict schedule does not come naturally for me. But I knew that I had to come up with something that worked so at least our weekdays would have more structure and I wasn’t overwhelmed at the end of every day.

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

We sat down and hashed out a very detailed plan for both me and my son. This might seem rigid on paper but after following it strictly for a week or two it now acts as a guide. He can check his board to see what he should be doing and find out if he’s on track. He especially looks forward to picking his activity time each day :) Since we FINALLY mastered our bike riding it has worked out quite well and mom can get a little exercise too!

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

Our schedule can be quite hectic and I wouldn’t survive it without my planner and color coded Sharpies!

My Monday-Thursday schedule looks like this:

6am wake up

6-6:30 read/coffee

6:30-7 breakfast

7-7:30 get ready for work/school

7:40 leave for school

8-8:30 drop off/drive to work

8:30-2:30 work

3pm carpool

3-3:30pm get home/unpack

3:30-4:15 activity time

4:30-5:30 homework/blog

5:30-6 get dinner ready (dinner is already prepared or in the crockpot, read our meal plan HERE)

6-7 dinner/family meeting

7-7:30 bedtime routine

7:30-8:30 pick up the kitchen and make lunches

8:30-9 prep tomorrow’s dinner

9-11 blog time

11:30 lights out for mom – this is the main one I haven’t conquered yet :(

Crazy right? The good thing is that I work from home on the blog on Fridays so if I can survive M-Th then I’m doing okay :) I decided to leave some breathing room on the weekends although I will still plan my day out the night before. It prevents me from being a hopeless wanderer through my Saturdays and Sundays.

Now listen up ladies and mamas…one important thing I’ve added to my schedule for the first time since I became a mom is time for myself. It’s not much but it goes on the calendar and I’m trying my hardest to stick with it. Y’all we’ve got to take care of ourselves, if nothing else but for our own mental health. And trust me, I’m the worst possible person at this but I’m trying to change my ways for the good of my son and all the people around me lol.

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

{Project Love Wislene Robe}

Friday evenings are my most tired times of the week when I feel like doing nothing but vegging out. I tell myself I’m going to work on the blog but I actually end up falling asleep on the couch with my computer in my lap. That’s the worst isn’t it!?

I’ve decided to dedicate every other Friday to spend the evening doing things for myself like actually showering, shaving, and washing my hair all at the same time. I might read or still veg out on the couch and have a glass of wine but I’m going to do it sans the laptop. Oh and my “me time” does not include makeup so y’all get to look at my makeup-less face :) 

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

{Project Love Anderlande Dress}

I also cut and color my own hair (I hear all of your gasps…but yes it’s true, it’s amazing what you can learn from Youtube) so this is something else I might spend my Friday doing. I have a box of hair dye in the bathroom that’s been waiting on me for at least a couple months now and my split ends are OUT OF CONTROL! Whatever it is though, this time will be mine. I’m taking it and not giving it back!

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

Another part of this sacred time that I’m carving out is that I’m NOT going to throw on my paint splattered sweatpants and oversized sweatshirt that I wear almost every single night. Nope, I’m changing this too. I’ve never been one to wear nice pj’s and a nightgown was out of the question – do women my age even own nightgowns? But, I thought about it for a bit and decided that a cute pair of shorts, cozy socks and a nice robe would probably make me feel like a human again. I would even consider a comfortable, feminine sleep dress!

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

In order to wear pretty sleepwear that means I would actually have to shop for it and honestly I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’m so glad Project Love came to the rescue to pull me out of this sad little rut! Project Love is a sleepwear company that was created to provide women like you and me with comfortable and pretty (definitely not overly sexy) sleepwear that we would feel good in and great about buying.

The part that blew me away is that they donate a percentage of all of their sales to helping girls and young women around the world have a better life. Their current mission is with the Haiti Deaf Academy to empower these girls and help them receive support, education and training. Each piece is named after and dedicated to a young woman at the academy. Packages are even delivered with a tag and a hand drawn card telling a little bit about their story.

How great is this? Being a small business myself I’m learning more and more about the value of shopping small and a company that gives back like Amy and Liz do is a win win!.

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

I’m wearing the Wislene robe, Anderlande dress, and the Sophonie shorts all in the navy and ikat print. The fabric is so soft, pre-shrunk and is completely maintenance free! I’m pretty picky when it comes to what I sleep in (remember the paint covered sweats I mentioned!) and I was surprised at how well all of the pieces fit and how comfortable they are. Trust me if it’s not comfortable I will not be wearing it to sleep in that’s for sure!

I also love the romper and I think it would look great under the robe too. For reference I’m 5’7″ about 140 lbs and I’m wearing a large in each piece. I would normally wear a medium but I prefer a more loose fit for bedtime :)

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

And this is what Saturday mornings are made of! Snuggles, coffee, reading and of course some cartoons! And I feel great being with him because I spent Friday night taking care of me!

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

I don’t think you realize or can even comprehend what it will be like to be a mom until you are one, I know I didn’t! Adopting my son was the best thing I’ve ever done with my life but I was thrown into the thick of it with a young toddler and I think it’s easy to lose yourself in motherhood if you’re not careful.

So let’s take back ourselves so we can be the best version of us for those we love. Let’s not feel guilty about spending those few extra minutes reading that last chapter, watching one more episode of Friends (guilty!), or having that second cup of coffee because ultimately it makes us better people and better moms…and dad’s you too! I know the men in my life work hard and they deserve that extra glass of beer or one more round of poker or whatever you guys do :)

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Family

So if you do nothing else this weekend head over to Project Love and read their story. It is inspiring to say the least. I’m honored and proud to be partnering with them on this post to talk about how important it is to value and love ourselves and to give back to our own children and children throughout the world! Thank you Project Love! You’re amazing!

And if you thought that was all…WRONG! Amy and Liz are giving my readers 10% off your purchase through Valentine’s Day with the code: LOVEYOURSELF Ladies tell your hubbies and hubbies (I know I have a few of you guys reading out there) surprise the ladies in your life! And definitely let me know if you have any questions about sizing or anything! I’m happy to help!



{Thanks so much to Project Love for sponsoring this post and thank YOU for supporting the brands that make Simple Stylings possible! All thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own}



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  1. While going through the post photos I thought, “dang, her hair stylist is good. ” Kudos to you for doing such a great job! How about a tutorial? ;)

  2. You are too cute! I wish I’d be this organized. I used to blog at night and now I’m just too pooped most of the time. I sometimes get panicked when it’s close to my daughter coming home because I feel like I barely got anything done ;) Have a great weekend.

  3. I love this Summer! I am trying to be better about sticking to a schedule- wanderers unite!! Those pjs look dreamy too! Maybe you can send the link to Taylor ;). Oh, and you are a model!!

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