A Fun 2016 Kickoff!

A Fun 2016 Kickoff

I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you guys are well!

I’m finally back to the land of the living after a wonderful holiday break and I’ve gone around and around trying to figure out what my resolutions for 2016 will be. Sometimes I feel so busy and caught up in the every day grind that my brain doesn’t have enough time to think. Over the last week or two I really took time to just be present and I came up with a few resolutions realizations for the new year.

We didn’t turn on the TV or radio as much, I took my time working around the house. We spent quiet time reading and building legos and riding bikes. It was weird because I felt like I actually had more space in my brain. There was room to think and brainstorm and feel the creative juices coming back to me.

We also spent time coming up with a strict but manageable family schedule. We worked on meal plans and de-cluttering. We still have a long way to go but I finally feel a light at the end of the tunnel of endless clutter and the feeling of just getting by. I’m swimming to the surface and this time I can finally see the rays of the sun shining through.

And guess what, I’m not making ANY resolutions. I’m already on a path to changing things around here. Not really because I want to as much as I just can’t take it anymore! My house WILL start working for me, not the other way around.

You can read about the beginnings of our great organizing mission herehere, and here.

A Fun 2016 Kickoff

{Photo: Ariana Clare}

So what I truly want and propose for 2016 is to have more FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost feel guilty just for writing that…almost. I’m OVER the stress, I’m tired of not enjoying the present moment as much as I should. I want to surround myself with positive people and businesses doing positive things. We’re going to go big or go home around here this year!

I’ve got BIG goals both personally and professionally and here are just a few to scratch the surface:

  • I’m going to take my son to Europe on a fun “work”/play trip and hopefully collaborate with some brands and bloggers! Calling all European boutiques, home decor businesses, cafes, I’m coming for you! I know my inbox is going to be full of offers by the end of the day, right??
  • Working as part of a group or team is one of the most rewarding forms of work for me and I plan on adding some collaborations on room makeovers with some friends and/or fellow bloggers. It’s incredible what people can do when they put their heads together.
  • We’re going to go camping. Like really, in a tent with a backpack, camping. I’m going to teach my little man how to camp like a dad would lol!
  • Nashville is a road trip destination on my list that I’m going to make a reality this year. All you Nashvillians give me a shout! Wine country would be awesome too!
  • I’m going to hire a house cleaner. Honestly it’s a luxury that I can’t really afford yet but in order to have more fun in my business and with my family I vow to value my time more. I’m working on ways to cut back in some areas and spend more in those that will help me work more efficiently. And hey, hopefully I’ll be able to write it off since I’m a “home based business”. Add to the to do list: talk to my accountant.
  • I’m going to endlessly redecorate any nook and cranny in my house 15 times over if I want to! Just because I can.
  • I’m going to start writing thank you notes! Yes, shameful right? I’m a southern gal and I know good etiquette but I’m the world’s worst writer of thank you notes. I am grateful in my heart of hearts but I have a serious problem taking the time to put it on paper. I blame it on running around like chicken with my head cut off but I will do better! And I give a mass apology to those who have given gifts to me or my little man and haven’t received a note, you know who you are!



{Photo: Ariana Clare}

So, how does that sound? We’re going to have some fun on this little slice of the web and if it’s not fun we’re not going to do it. Period. Life is too short.

Here are a few of my immediate blog goals for the year:

  • To be more consistent with post timing and topics. I have been posting anywhere from 3-5 posts per week but I plan on pulling back to 3, sometimes 4 so that I can focus more on the quality of my posts. I actually love the writing part but find it to be the most difficult because I need decent chunks of quiet time which I rarely get unless it’s late at night. Oh and I’m trying to nip the late nights in the bud too! You will see home decor highlights, style roundups and outfits as well as some continued organizational posts.
  • Another part of the blog that I’m going to ramp up this year is more food/recipe posts and travel posts. What would you guys like to see? Our school lunch menu and meal plans? Recipes? City guides? Let me know in the comments.
  • We’re going to have some FUN parties! Dinner parties, potlucks, kids parties, etc. I’m going to learn to accept help and allow my friends to contribute to the food and drinks…sometimes :)
  • I’m bringing back the Home of the Month post which will most likely be the 2nd or 3rd Friday of each month and I’ll be featuring a blogger, designer or even an Instagrammer with a fab home tour. Tag your pics on Instagram at #SSHomeoftheMonth if you think your home tour would be a great fit. I have an awesome home tour to kick off the series this Friday and I can’t wait to share it with you! This one, this one and this one are a few of the tours we’ve featured in the past.
  • I’m going to respond better to all of your comments. I try to be really good about this but I’m not going to lie it’s tough. The hardest part is that I LOVE reading and answering your comments both here and on Instagram and it totally bums me out when I miss some. Good news is we’ve already implemented our new daily schedule so I’m setting aside time to answer comments and clear my inbox everyday. Wish me luck!


A Fun 2016 Kickoff

{Photo: Laura Sumrak}

Was this the craziest new year post you’ve read yet? You must think I’ve lost my marbles? Basically I have no real resolutions, no word of the year nor a strict list I plan on following. But I do have goals and I know what I want. 2015 certainly helped me define this more. What I CAN guarantee is that it’s going to be much more fun and interactive around here with some awesome collaborations and I’m super excited! So please flood me with comments, insight, constructive criticism and shares if you like what you read!

Coming up over the next two weeks I’ll be talking about our new master bedroom rug as well as some of my favorite sources, an awesome home tour, our new meal plan and family schedule, a fun trip that I can’t quite share details about and more!

Thank you all so much for sticking with and for your continued love and support. AND your patience while we update some blog features! You’ve probably already noticed the new main image slider, navigation bar and a slightly cleaner look. We’re still tweaking a few things and I’m working on getting the new categories sorted out so it will be super easy for you to find what you’re looking for!

Oh and one last favor! I’ve accidentally removed myself as admin on the Simple Stylings Facebook page and I can’t get any response from FB. If you FB savvy folks have any genius ideas for me I’ll be forever in your debt!








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  1. We admire (and seriously envy) your ambition Summer! Sounds like you’re gonna make 2016 a fabulous year and we can’t wait to follow you through all of it!! Now excuse us while we go back to bed…. all your goals have suddenly gotten us really tired. Except for the house cleaner of course.. in fact feel free to send her our way when she’s done ;)

  2. Hi Summer, can’t even express how much I love your passion in this post and your outlook for 2016. It’s like you tapped into my mind set but found a way to express those thoughts that I’ve been struggling to put down on paper. Thank you for the inspiration! This is exactly why we started Sparklers Magazine, to encourage women to live a life of purpose and to inspire and motivate women to find joy in all the everyday things, to learn self love and support each other through trials. We love being a part of like minded women who inspire and motivate us. Excited to see where all your Amazing realizations and dreams take you in 2016 and look forward to being able to enjoying the journey with you. We would love to do a collaboration sometime if you are interested.

  3. I love this!!!!! Cheers to 2016 and all of the FUN in store! I love your heart and your outlook! And, girl, I feel you on the thank you notes. I feel the gratitude deep in my heart…but I’m horrible at putting it in the mailbox. EEEK!

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