DIY Abstract Art With Kids

Happy weekend y’all! Don’t you love short weeks?!?!

Abstract art, particularly for gallery walls, is all the rage right now and I’ve been wanting to try creating a piece of my own. I had no idea whether or not this would be a success but it was a curiosity that I couldn’t shake. I started talking to little man about it and he was really excited to try it too!

DIY Abstract Art

We made a trip to Michael’s and picked up a Martha Stewart acrylic paint starter kit (with the 40% off coupon), a few brushes and some 8×10 canvases that were on sale.


We headed to the front porch, put down a towel and picked out which colors we wanted to use. I definitely wanted to keep the coastal blues that I love but also decided to use a little gold in mine.

My little man had very specific colors in mind as well as what he wanted to paint (not so abstract on his part). And the most important thing for him was making sure he used every brush we had :)


We had such a fun time painting together and his paintings turned out really great I thought! He was so proud of them.

Mine on the other hand weren’t exactly what I had envisioned in my head but since it was my first attempt I’ll try and cut myself some slack :)



I just swiped my colors back and forth horizontally across the canvas until I was satisfied with each one. I think the key is being generous with the amount of paint you use. I liked seeing thicker parts of the paint on the canvas, almost like an oil painting.




This is a tree.


And this is Benny’s spaceship from the Lego Movie :) … Don’t you love them?!?!


And here are mine. The second painting I just dotted different rows all the way down alternating colors.




I don’t really know how I feel about the quality of the paintings but what I did experience was such a fun time with my son. A few moments that we shared together doing something we both enjoy…creating…making. That’s the best kind of end result in my book!

You guys should definitely try this with your kids! There’s something special about painting on a canvas with real paints versus a coloring book and crayons.

Have a great weekend friends! Do you have any fun plans?


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  1. I have the boys paint as often as I can because I love their “abstract” work! Happy Friday sweet friend!

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