August Favorites + What’s New Around The House

August Favorites + What’s New Around The House

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you guys had a great eclipse viewing day! I went to watch it at my son’s school and it was so fun being with the kids. They were so excited!

Well…outside of our beach vacay and starting school not much is happening around our house in the way of decor. But I’ve got a bunch of great favorites for you including a gorgeous home tour, a new fitness app, my favorite new wine selection and more!


Let the angels sing and trumpets sounds…IKEA is finally carrying gold flatware!!! I know I shared this a week or two ago in the post of my 2018 IKEA favorites but I wanted to make sure no one missed it!

August Favorites + What's New Around The House

Sleepy time teas. This article has some suggestions for teas that will help you sleep!

I am head over heels in love with this rattan bed! You better believe this will be at the top of my list when it’s time for a new bed. And it doesn’t have any fabric to attack cat claws which is a plus in my book! Here is another great one too!

Tiny houses are all the rage but I was feeling a little ‘over’ the trend until I saw this one! The exterior turned rock climbing walls are truly unique!

{Design and photos by Tiny Heirloom}

This is one gorgeous home tour!

{Via House of Turquoise; Design: Jamie Keskin Design; Photography: Kyle J. Caldwell}

I recently tried this rosé wine from a friend (thanks Megan!) and it was delicious! While it’s price point is a little high for me for any old weekend, it would make a great gift or special occasion wine!

Favorites from Target’s upcoming home decor line via Domino.

I love this little lolo fit app that I recently found. It gives you a simple ab workout that I use sometimes after the gym if I want to get a little extra core work in and it’s only 3 minutes! There is also an app for legs, arms and the bum of course!

Well folks, that’s all for August! I hope you have a really great week and enjoy sending all those kiddos off to school!


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