The Awesome Sauce 2018

The Awesome Sauce 2018

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is my first post of the year and I’m super pumped about what I’ve got planned for 2018!

So guys, here’s the thing. I know you come to this blog for decorating ideas, style tips, DIY projects, and just all-around pretty pictures and these ARE my true passions! But lately I’ve discovered that I’m kinda into some other things in life :) Fitness, healthy eating, organization and personal finance to name a few.

The cool thing about all of these interests is that simplicity is the common theme – the foundation of the blog itself. I want my home to be simply decorated on a budget without sacrificing style. I want to have a concise closet so there aren’t a hundred pieces of clothing I never wear laying around. I want to eat more real food with easy recipes that will not cost me a fortune. And I would really like to save up some dough and be able to take some awesome trips! This isn’t too much to ask, right?

And since I find myself desiring these things I’m guessing there might be a few of you out there who have the same goals! Now don’t go gettin’ your panties all in a wad, I promise I’ll still be sharing beautiful homes and stylish design ideas 75% of the time. I may just add a few things here and there in the form of tips and tricks or my experiences in some of these other categories. Mmmkay?

Welp, that’s all I really wanted to say today! Stay tuned for monthly favorites, Home of the Month features, design boards, capsule wardrobes and some new stuff!

I’m shooting for a M-W-F posting schedule this year so we’ll see how it goes! Also, don’t forget to follow along on Instagram and Facebook where you can see a little more behind the scenes of the blog and our life at home!

Cheers to an exciting 2018!

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