Best Headboard Ever!

Happy Monday morning! Hope your weekend was grand!

Most of the time I feel like I’m up to speed on a lot of the design and decorating trends since I’m surrounded by it all the time. But somehow this little detail slipped past my radar so I’m thinking maybe some of you have missed it too!

Last month I shared my parent’s lake house reveal with you but there were a few more items left on the punch list and the guest bedroom is one of them. My mom finally found a headboard she liked and when I saw it in person last week I did a double take.

Best Headboard Ever!

This wing back heardboard goes all the way to the floor which in turn covers the ugly metal brackets where the bed frame meets the headboard. I mean genius!

I don’t know if it’s the style that I don’t remember seeing before or the nailhead trim with the heather gray fabric or a combination of all of it but I’m in love y’all! This is such a great option if you don’t plan on buying an actual bed with a headboard, rails and a footboard but still want the same stylish look.

Best Headboard Ever!

If I was ordering this online I don’t think I would have chosen the heather gray color (the color is called Pumice) but it’s absolutely perfect. It has great texture and gives just at touch of a masculine feel in an otherwise feminine room. There are three other color options though if the heather gray isn’t your thing :)


…And the kicker is it’s from Target. I will say it’s more on the higher end of your typical Target price but it’s beautiful and seems to be very good quality so it’s definitely worth it!


I hope you have an awesome week! Stay tuned, there’s lots to come!




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