Big Boy Room: Small Change, Big Impact

Big Boy Room: Small Change, Big Impact

Big Boy Room: Small Change, Big Impact

Happy Monday friends!!! It was a scorcher here in NC so I hope all of you are staying nice and cool, or at least in the pool or ocean if you have to be outside :)

I needed to break away from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale craze for a minute and share a little update I made in my son’s room over the weekend! I’m not quite in back-to-school mode yet but I do feel the cleaning and organizing bug crawling to the surface! Do you guys feel the need to organize/purge as the new school year is approaching?

I finally transitioned his room to a big boy room this year and in the process found a cute faux bamboo armoire/chest of drawers to store his clothes instead of a traditional dresser. It is pretty and has a lot of character but truth be told he never liked it. I don’t know if it was having to open the doors to access the drawers that he didn’t like but whatever it was it didn’t work.

Although I loved the piece I did agree that it took up a lot of space in his room and I was tired of hearing him complain about it :) The second part of the story is that we’ve always had a book storage problem in here. We’ve had floating shelves, a classroom style bookshelf, you name it, but nothing seems to hold all of his books. So I did what any normal decorator would do, I started shopping our house and thinking outside of the box. I decided to move the armoire out and try this Ikea piece that was in our dining room. There is enough room for all of his books with the large hardbacks on display and the paperbacks and chapter books in the baskets. So far so good and I’m thrilled he has a little more room in here now. This small change made a big impact in the functionality of his space.

Here is the armoire in the room:

Big Boy Room: Small Change, Big Impact armoire

Big Boy Room: Small Change, Big Impact room

Here is the new piece:

Big Boy Room: Small Change, Big Impact mirror

Big Boy Room: Small Change, Big Impact ikea sofa table

So, I know what your thinking – “Where did you put his clothes and what are you putting in the dining room since you obviously can’t put that armoire in there?” Am I right? Well, you guessed it, there are a few projects in the works that I’ll be sharing soon so unfortunately you’re going to have to wait  BUT I promise it’s going to be good!!!

By the way, I’m selling the armoire so if you are in Charlotte and are interested shoot me an email at [email protected]. It would also look great painted white or another fun color!

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Cheers and have a great week!


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