What I’m Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1

What I’m Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1

What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1

Happy Wednesday friends! Sorry for the delay in the post this week but the holiday threw me a little and I didn’t get it finished up for Monday. And I hope you were too busy with friends and family on Labor Day anyway to read my my little blog :) I’m still not quite sure what day it is though. Do you guys feel that way?

Are you a big reader? I’m always looking for my next book, especially during Covid, and I love when people share what they’ve been reading. So I thought you might enjoy hearing about a few of my current favorite books too.

Top 10 Current Favorite Books

I love everything from historical fiction to murder mysteries to chick books and memoirs. Hopefully you’ll find something here that sparks your interest. Enjoy!

1. This Tender Land

This captivating historical fiction has a very Huck Finn / Tom Sawyer vibe but with slightly more modern adventures. There are some truly heartbreaking moments but the characters in this story are incredibly well developed and unforgettable!

What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 this tender land

2. The Giver of Stars

This book is based on the true story of the ‘Packhorse Librarians of Kentucky’ where a group of women made it their mission to make reading material available all over their community. Intertwined is an awesome story of friendship, true love and some not so great relationships too!

What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 the giver of stars

3. Five Feet Apart

This is a bittersweet love story of two teenagers with cystic fibrosis who have lived in and out of hospitals their whole lives. The catch is they can never be closer than five feet away from each other due to their medical conditions. Heartwarming and heart wrenching all at the same time, this is definitely worth the read. And there is a movie now too! Win, win.

What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 five feet apart

4. The Road Back to You

If you are an Enneagram fan like myself this book is definitely for you! It goes into each number and combination deeper and explores how to relate to people and the world through the lens of your Enneagram number.

What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 the road back to you

5. Every Breath

You can’t go wrong with Nicholas Sparks for classic, sweet love stories with a tragic twist. Every Breath is no different. Although this story is a little less tragic – I’d say more bittersweet – than some of his others, it is one of my favorites. I recently made a trek to the mailbox and it was everything I imagined it would be. Read it to find out ;)

What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 every breath

6. Things You Save in a Fire

This is an interesting recommendation because the writing is very simple and I mean that in the best possible sense. Katherine writes in a such way that you feel the characters talk and think just like real-life people (if that makes sense). This lends itself to very enjoyable and quick reading. I’m halfway through her most recent book, Happiness Is For Beginners and I’m hooked!

What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 things you save in a fire

7. The Tech-Wise Family

If you have young kids and are conservative about technology/screen time like I am, this book is for you! Although a few of the suggestions seem unattainable, I took lots of the ideas and have applied them to our family. In my opinion this is a must read for anyone stressing about how to manage technology in your home.

There are also some great tips for how people can manage technology in their relationships too. I listened to this book and the author is the reader and I really enjoyed hearing him. He’s very honest about what his family was able to accomplish and where they fell short.

What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 the tech-wise family

8. The Silent Patient

This is a psychological thriller that has more twists and turns than I can count! It’s deliciously creepy and I couldn’t put it down. If this is a genre you love I would definitely give this one a shot.

What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 the silent patient

9. The Year of Less

If you’re interested in minimalism and living on less I definitely recommend this short read. I found it even more interesting because Cait is a blogger who shares very honestly about her struggle with multiple addictions. This the real-life story of how she finally took charge of her life and got rid of the excess.

What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 the year of less

10. The Family Upstairs

This is another suspenseful suggestion and I think the story line was interesting and definitely unexpected. You never know what is coming and the events that entangle the families in this story are pretty incredible. If you like Lisa Jewell I think you’ll really enjoy this one. It might be my favorite from her.

What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 the family upstairs

I hope you enjoy this list of 10 reading recommendations! Please let me know in the comments below if you have read any of them OR if you have any suggestions for me. Like I said, I love many different genres so I’m open to all recommendations. This is what I’m planning to read next:

In the queue:

Talking as Fast as I Can

Happiness For Beginners

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Series

The Next Right Thing

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What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 pin it
What I'm Reading: Book Nook Vol. 1 Pin

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