Our Christmas Cards

Hello everyone! Did you guys have a good weekend? Christmas is really creeping up on us now isn’t it?!?!

Do you know my sweet friend Mallory of Charming In Charlotte? Well, not only is she an awesome designer, stylist and blogger but she’s also an amazing photographer! Just check out her blog and see.

I begged kindly asked Mallory if she would take a few photos of me and my little man for our Christmas cards this year and I was thrilled when she agreed! I’ve always sent out cards with just my little man on them so I decided this year I would make one with both of us.

I always order our cards from Walgreens because I’m always last minute and they print them in a matter of hours. The quality is actually pretty good and they also have tons of designs to choose from. But the best thing is they always offer a 50% off promotion this time of year. The total for 40 cards with envelopes was $39.98 but with the discount I only paid $19.99. You can’t really beat that! So if you guys are like me and still hoping to whip together some last minute cards then you’re in luck.

Oh and this is not a sponsored post by any means I just LOVE Walgreens!








 And now for some BLOOPERS! Out of the hundreds Mallory snapped I think 90% were fails because I’m working with the silliest 6-year-old on this planet :)

I promise there were no threats or bribes involved!







Once I weeded through all of the silliness I let little man choose which pic he wanted to use for the cards (out of the top choices of course) and this is what he went with! I think he picked a good one don’t you?



Mallory, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to capture these beautiful and silly moments for us. You are truly the best!

Have a beautiful day friends!!!


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  1. Oh my adorableness!! The one you made a card from is definitely my fav! Totally reminds me of you! You have a beautiful laugh. I so enjoyed being around your fun self last summer. Are we all in for another weekend? Merry Christmas, sweet friend! xox, Emily

  2. Cute!
    Now I want some hot chocolate.
    Does Mallory have a photography business? We need some pictures done, and my photographer friend that did Rowan’s 1 year pics has a new job so she’s not doing it anymore.

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