Design Services Debut

Design Services Debut

Good morning!

This may be a first y’all……wait for it…….my design services are up and running not one day, not two, but four days before our scheduled Saturday Style Sessions as promised! And sorry, I feel like this week’s posts are all business-y but I promise we will get back to regular scheduled fun posts tomorrow.

After getting so many questions for design help from friends, family and coworkers, offering design services was the natural next step. I can’t wait to help you guys with all of your design needs, including styling services for events, photo shoots, products.



I will be offering online design where we you will fill out a short questionnaire, send us pictures of your space and we will communicate primarily through email to create a custom design board and source list. Online design is a great option for clients who don’t need a full service designer and who prefer to do the installation themselves but need help with the overall vision. You can find several of my client design boards here.

Custom design packages will also be available for local clients who prefer a more hands on experience. You can email me for more information and a quote at [email protected]

Design Services Debut

One thing I’m really excited about announcing  is our styling services! If you are an individual or a local business that needs help styling a space for an event, photo shoot, or display I am here to help.


And finally I’ll be offering furniture makeover services. If you are local to the Charlotte, NC and surrounding area and have a great piece of furniture that needs a facelift to work better in your space let me know and I can help bring it back to life!


I’m still working out some details as well as putting a portfolio together (although the blog itself is like a portfolio) but I’m excited to begin working with you! Stayed tuned for some great deals coming for new clients!

For more details head over to the services tab at the top of the page or email me at [email protected] to book a design board, custom design package, styling session or furniture makeover.

Cheers to checking something big off my never ending ‘to do’ list! That always feels SO good, am I right?


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  1. Get it girl!!! So glad you finally bit the bullet and offered yourself up to all your future clients…there will be a line!!

  2. I am SO excited for all your followers to get a chance to use your talents to help them with their design dilemmas! I can say from my own experience with Summer planning a design board for me, that she is extremely easy to work with and brings a beautiful vision to your space. It was so easy and I can’t wait to do it again.

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