DIY Wine Cork Valentine Heart Wall Decor

Hi all! We are officially snowed in here in NC and what better to do than some Valentine’s Day crafts and baking?

Here is a SO simple to make Valentine heart out of old wine corks.


All you need are some used red wine corks, pencil and paper, a hot glue gun and a picture hanger. I just happen to have a stash of corks!


And a willing 5 year old.


Place the corks, wine stained side down, on your paper in a heart shaped pattern and trace the outside and inside of the heart.


Then pull one cork out of the shape, put a dot of glue on either side and slide it back in to place. Work your way like this all the way around.


Once the glue is dry then hot glue the picture hanger to the heart.


I like the way it turned out so much that I am considering hanging it in my office as part of a gallery wall. What do you think?


Do you guys have any big Valentine’s Day plans? I think we are going to be trapped inside most of the weekend but honestly I’m not really complaining.


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