Favorite Things Friday Vol. 19

Favorite Things Friday Vol. 19

HAPPY FRIDAY Y’ALL!!! I hope you’ve had a great week! We just finished our first week back at school and although I’m exhausted, little man had a great week and I’m embracing the return to routine!

Hair Cut

First up on the Friday agenda is the topic of hair! Wait for it….YES, I’m considering a fresh cut and taking a little bit off the length off! I love Caroline’s style of House of Harper and although I wouldn’t go quite this short I think our hair is similar in color and texture. And we both part down the middle (or rock a ‘butt cut’ if you grew up in the early 90’s!). Oops that sounds so gross now, lol!

Favorite-Things-Friday-Vol.-19-house-of-harperScreen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.51.38 PMFavorite-Things-Friday-Vol.-19-house-of-harper-hair

Capsule Wardrobe

I’m still diligently working on my capsule wardrobe behind the scenes but I’ve added some new inspo to my Capsule Style Pinterest board so follow along if you want to see more!



Nautica Sheets

Hopefully you saw my new sheets on Instagram stories and I finally put them on and I’m obsessed! I love the way they feel and and the pattern is so fun with the rest of my usual white bedding! I picked them up during the #NSale but they are currently 25% off which is not much more than I paid. I’ll have pics on the blog soon!


Non-Prescription Glasses

Okay let’s here it? Would you ever wear non-prescription glasses as an accessory??? I’m actually prescribed reading glasses (there’s that getting old thing again) but I only need them at the computer. Sometimes I want to wear glasses for style reasons but mostly I think I can get away with less makeup if I do, lol! I love these and I’m thinking about going for it, especially in the fall/winter when my style takes a cozy turn. Am I crazy? I’d love to know your thoughts!


Oh yeah, last question, are you guys Amazon Prime members? I used to be and I’m thinking about signing up again. Do y’all really think it’s worth it? Just curious :)

Have a wonderful weekend friends!





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  1. As a retired Hair Designer now Realtor…….Miss Shell….. I say cut and color it exactly like hers, it would look FABULOUS on you!!!!!! Yours is thicker I think based on photos, but this would look great!!!

    Miss you guys!!!

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