Home Office Statement Piece from Furniture Maison

Home Office Statement Piece from Furniture MaisonGood morning friends! We’ve had a lot of visitors lately so if you’re new here, welcome!

I recently made the transition to working from home full time so I’m spending an enormous amount of time in my office. Where I once was writing from the couch or the dining room table, I’m now primarily at my desk.

I don’t have a lot of space but I felt I would benefit from an extra seat or two on the off chance I needed to chat with a client or co-worker here. Having another place to sit is great for my son to read while I’m working and also just a change from my everyday office chair.

Home Office Statement Piece from Furniture Maison Aloha Chair

A new online furniture store was recently introduced to me and I was surprised by the simple but beautiful pieces in their curated collection. Furniture Maison’s elegant yet un-fussy philosophy certainly comes through in every piece they offer like the Aloha lounge chair in my office.

The collection holds a mix of styles but the common ingredient is simplicity. The lines are clean and the materials are classic. There is something for everyone, from the mid-mod lover to the industrial enthusiast with a little boho chic thrown in!

Home Office Statement Piece from Furniture Maison Online

Over the last year I read the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and I’ve slowly been weaving some of her principals into our home and life. One of the biggest takeaways (you know this if you’ve read it and if you haven’t we 100% recommend it) is to love what you have. And love it so much that the thought of it brings you joy!

I know this seems a little dramatic and I initially thought so myself, but it does shift your perspective when you are bringing something new into your home or wardrobe. The point is, I try and make sure that I truly love something before I add it to the ever growing collection in our home in order to keep that ever growing collection at bay!

Home Office Statement Piece from Furniture Maison Details

I love the shape and unique style of this chair and I thought it would be the perfect statement piece for my office. I’ve seen a lot of the bright and colorful Acapulco-style chairs that are trending right now but this one is different. The woven rattan is so chic and I love it styled with my faux fur sheepskin and geometric pillow.

Home Office Statement Piece from Furniture Maison Styled

I didn’t choose this chair for a place to sit all day long, I chose it because it’s stylish, artistic and is the perfect statement piece I was looking for. And P.S., it’s okay to add a few statement pieces to your decor from time to time. Decor doesn’t ALWAYS have to be 100% functional.

I will say though the Aloha chair is more comfortable than I would have thought and I often find myself grabbing my computer and plopping down on it instead of my squeaky desk chair!

Home Office Statement Piece from Furniture Maison Office Chair

I don’t hold many meetings in my home office but maybe I should start! Now I have a seat for guests that will certainly spark conversation and get the meeting started off on the right foot!

Office Statement Piece from Furniture Maison

Statement Chair from Furniture Maison

{Photos by Paige Winn Photo}

In addition to the Aloha chair, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from Furniture Maison so you can get an idea of the range of styles. To top it off the products are affordable and shipping is always free which is a HUGE plus in my book. It drives me crazy when I go to an online site and find a piece I love then come to find out shipping is almost half the cost of the piece of furniture. Just my two cents from my little soap box here :)

The gray midcentury modern sectional and the rich blue tufted sofa are two of my favorites! I’m also crazy about the concrete cube side table and pretty much the entire concrete collection! The Vega sideboard is also a winner in my book!

Home Office Statement Piece from Furniture Maison Roundup

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Be sure to check out Furniture Maison when you’re shopping for your next unique piece for your home. What you see is what you get and the items arrive quickly and packaged well. I love finding great new retailers and I hope you do too!



{A big thanks to Furniture Maison for sponsoring this post and thank YOU for supporting the brands that make Simple Stylings possible. All thoughts, opinions and ideas are 100% my own.}

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