Hot Chocolate Station Fun!

Hi Everyone! Are you guys almost ready for Christmas? Not stressing too much I hope.

I never knew how much fun hot chocolate could be until I spent an afternoon creating this station for little man and his best buds from down the street.

And in case you didn’t know I have a bit of a mint addiction. When I got the whipped cream home from the store and ate a big squirt of it to my surprise it was peppermint flavor. I didn’t even know they made this!!!


We used Swiss Miss hot chocolate packets and I just pored it in the mason jar. Peppermint sticks, marshmallows and peppermint and original Andes mints baking crumbles. These crumbles are amazing and also great to bake with!




And who knew that hot chocolate hot chocolate toppings could be so thrilling but I think these pics tell it all!


By the way, the mommies also got a little treat if you see the wine glass above. Don’t worry that wasn’t for the kiddos :)



I think this picture is a true representation of Christmas JOY.


And doesn’t this little cutie make this peppermint stick look delicious :)


Does your kid love hot chocolate as much as mine?

Also, do you recognize that silver Dollar Store tray? These things have a million uses. See my Dollar Store tray that I sprayed with chalkboard paint to mount the faux rhino on in my home tour post.

Stay tuned over the next two days for some DIY gift tags, wrapping and an updated mini home tour.

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  1. Yummy – it would be a hard decision for me between the red wine or the hot chocolate. Oh what the heck, I probably would have both.

    Merry Christmas to you Summer and the little man. It is to fun to be able to connect with you through your blog. I have learned more about you these past weeks than through all the years I have known you.

    I wish you all the success for the next year and beyond.


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