How To Paint Interior Doors

How To Paint Interior Doors

How To Paint Interior Doors

Good morning my people!  How are you?

I haven’t talked about it much yet but I’m working on a mini makeover of my little man’s playroom. We have a tiny bedroom in our house that is purely dedicated to him and his toy storage and I feel like I’m purging it every six months. This time we got rid of a lot of his toys that he never played with and have re-organized so he can use what he does have. He was a great sport about it and has really helped in re-decorating the room. I don’t want to give too much away yet but he loves sports and he equally loves learning about animals so let’s just say I’m trying really hard to stylishly combine the two :)

Today I’m sharing how to paint interior doors and you can find the tutorial over on eHow.com. We did a half door (and wall) in here but the painting technique is the same and believe it or not it’s super easy!

Hope you enjoy and find it helpful! I can’t wait to share the reveal around the end of the month so stay tuned!



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  1. Those lines are perfection!!! I would mess that up…really bad. Just realized that I actually call your son “Little Man” in my head when I see photos of him :). He is THE cutest!!!

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