Inspire Me DIY: Yarn Wall Hanging

It’s INSPIRE ME DIY (Monday) friends and I hope you’re ready to see some great projects today! I’ve teamed up with some lovely bloggers who have decided to tackle a DIY that’s been hanging around on our ‘to do’ list for way to long! AND, we hope to motivate you guys to jump up and do the same!

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I love making something from nothing. I didn’t always have the ability to do this, to think outside of the box, but it’s a skill I’ve practiced. Just like basketball or soccer or anything in life, the more you practice the better you get at it. I find that the more I DIY and my mind is focused on that skill the more creative I become. It’s interesting really.

So don’t be afraid that you aren’t a DIY’er, train your brain to become one. Start small. Find something in your house that would be transformed with a can of spray paint. Pick up your child’s watercolor paints and play around. Maybe watch a youtube video (it’s amazing what you can learn on youtube) on how to make something you’ve always had your eye on. Work your way up.

For my DIY today I started with a bag full of yarn that a friend had given me when she moved out of town (thanks Converse!) It’s been sitting in the bag for weeks and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it. Finally I decided on a yarn wall hanging. I’ve never made a wall hanging before but I know they’re really popular and I thought the bright colors would work great.

Inspire Me DIY: Yarn Wall Hanging

I picked up a dowel rod and eye hooks from Michael’s and cut the string double the size I wanted it to hang down.


Inspire Me DIY: Yarn Wall Hanging

I folded the string in half to form a loop, held the loop behind the rod, then pulled the loose ends through the loop. I repeated this with all the strings in the color pattern that I liked.


Once the yarn was in place I grabbed a ribbon from our wrapping paper stash and hung it up.


Inspire Me DIY: Yarn Wall Hanging

After the yarn was hanging I trimmed it into a V shape at the bottom for a finished look.



So, what DIY are you going to attempt that you’ve been secretly wanting to try? Honestly I don’t know that this is something that is necessarily my style but I think it will be great in a playroom or a nursery (little man has already claimed it).

Make sure to join Kennesha of Restoration House and the rest of the #inspiremeDIY bloggers for lots great projects today!

Here is the line up:

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  1. Who knew hanging yarn from a dowel rod could create an awesome wall hanging?! I have so many projects waiting for me – just need to figure out where to start…

  2. Summer! What a fun and unique project! SUPER CUTE! Been wanting to try these for a while and I think you just inspired ME to try it! Ha! Thanks so much for sharing and for being a part of this fun challenge! You’re the best! xo -K

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