January Favorite Things + What’s New Around The House

January Favorite Things + What's New Around The House

January Favorite Things + What’s New Around The House

Hey there everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful week! As I shared in my 2017 planning post, I’m doing away with Favorite Things Friday every week and replacing it with a monthly favorite things post. I’ll also be sharing any new things around the house (if any) that haven’t made the blog just yet.

You might could say I’m mildly obsessed with marquee signs but I can’t help it! They’re just so fun! This Cheers marquee and Ampersand marquee signs both joined the Hogan household over the last couple of months and I love them both!

Don’t mind the messy office! #thatslife

This basket is my newest obsession. I love these style and it’s currently on sale!

Ummm…so how cute is this leopard print beanie?!?! I think I’m going to snatch one up before they get gone!

I wear mostly stud-type earrings and I’m loving these simple bar studs!

Y’all know I’m a HUGE Unfancy fan and I love the 10 x 10 challenge that Caroline and Lee of Style Bee are doing! Any of you capsule wardrobe peeps should check them out!

I’m dreaming of spring already and this dress is perfect for transitioning into your spring wardrobe! Wear it with boots now and sandals soon…

Perhaps I’m the last person in the world to know but IKEA is now carrying all of their dishes that used to come in 18-piece packs individually…or maybe I’m delusional and it’s always been this way I just never knew! Nonetheless, now I can replace my chipped FARGRIK pieces and I just picked up these salad plates too! Woot woot!

I have to admit I’m absolutely loving my Amazon Echo Dot that I got as a surprise Christmas gift. I had no idea I ever needed this little gadget but Alexa keeps my grocery and to-do lists straight, gives me the news and weather every morning and provides endless entertainment to my 8-year-old. Did you know she tells jokes and sings??? Seriously, SO worth the fifty bucks!!

I was wanting to replace my dining room light fixture with something new and modern that went with the decor in the rest of the downstairs. So I recently moved the sputnik chandy from the kitchen into the dining room and installed this beauty in the kitchen! I think the switch is perfect and both fixtures are from Lucent Lightshop, the most beautiful custom light fixtures!

Okay y’all, I’ve been looking for rugs for my master bathroom and I came across this unique rug from Anthropologie but to my disappointment they’re sold out in the 3′ x 5′ which is what I need. PLEASE.SOMEONE.BUY.THIS.AMAZING.RUG! Seriously thought I’m totally bummed!

This is the runner up rug that I think I’m going to pull the trigger on!

And last but not least, I replaced the two chairs that were in our living room with this small settee and I like it so much better. It feels much less cluttered than having the two chairs and a side table here. This spot is really just for extra seating, not something we use on a daily basis.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed January’s favorite things and don’t miss FTF too much! I would love it if you want to leave a comment letting me know what types of things you would like to see here or categories. What have you been searching for but haven’t had much luck. Let me help you with your search!

Also, I’ll be posting some of the favorites on Facebook before they go up on the blog so make sure to like our page to see them first!


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  1. Love all your new additions! That rug is great! I think you should try and knock it off. I may try that as I’d need a 3×5 too.

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