Just Be You

This post started because of an Instagram contest that I won a few weeks ago from my friend Meg of Jeans & Tees & Travel & Cakes (thanks for the intro DIY Playbook!). I won an item from her lovely shop and as I was looking through all of the cute tees and mugs with clever sayings I kept going back to this one.

I thought about those words. Just. Be. You. What they meant and if I could define it. So many of us go through our lives trying to figure out who we are and what our purpose is and it’s easy to get lost. To wander off the path.

Simple Stylings by Ariana Clare_59
Just Be You

I find and know my identity in my savior, Jesus Christ, but it’s still easy for all of the ideas, human thoughts and other peoples opinions to cloud what I know to be true ~ especially when it comes to what my passions are, where to spend my time and how that relates to my career. And the comparison game can be the death of self confidence.

The past year and a half has been a growing year for me in so many ways. I am first and foremost a mom to the most wonderful boy I could ever imagine and I know that God connected us. This plan of His was clear.

Secondly I have tapped into a creative passion that I never knew was there. It could have always been in me because of my love for interiors and decorating but I never knew the extent of it. I had no I idea that I would fall back in love with photography as much as I have, that I would love styling for photos, parties, etc, or that I would enjoy building things with my hands so much.

So much of this discovery grew from this little blog of mine and I’m grateful every day for this outlet. For so many reasons I think our culture is turned upside down and technology has taken over in negative ways. But because of the internet, blogs and social media connecting people who would never be connected otherwise I am truly thankful. Opportunity is everywhere.

Now, finding the guts to go after and tackle those opportunities is for another post…


Simple Stylings by Ariana Clare_60
Just Be You

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Hustle. Work hard. Play hard. Tap into those things that you feel tugging at your gut.

Try to just be you and who knows where that may lead. You are created, you are special, you are loved.



Photography // Ariana Clare

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  1. Great post. I’ve only been blogging for less than a year but it has opened up so many areas of my life, not to mention the wonderful people I have met along the way. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Good for you diving in head first into your creative gifts! It can be a bit of a roller coaster (in SO many ways!), but also an exercise in trust…Finding a community of people who have gone through or are going through it has helped me tremendously in navigating a road “less traveled”:) You might even begin to question the “real you” a few times before you find your rhythm. I’m still working through that process after two years owning my own creative biz.

  3. Such a great post Summer! I often think that the Internet/Instagram/Pinterest have all made things hard in the realm of comparison. You can get so caught up in it all but it’s important to not let those things be your identity or an idol in your life! I’m thankful that it has brought me friendships, especially a community of other women who love the things that I do. ❤️

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