Kids Artwork Gallery Wall Using Glue Dots and Washi Tape

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I think this might be the easiest and cheapest project with the most impact that I have ever done! As you probably know my word of the year is ORGANIFY {yep, made it up} and I’m on a simplifying and organizing kick.

One of the things that plagues our home’s organizational situation is little man’s artwork and school work. I am working with a cool app right now by taking pics of some of his artwork, saving and categorizing it and I will be sharing this with you as soon as I decide if it’s working for us.

But, there is still SO much more of it EVERYWHERE. I feel like we are drowning in water colors, cute handprints and collages so I had to come up with a simple solution. I decided to create a floor to ceiling gallery wall of his art in our playroom because who doesn’t love a good gallery wall!


I don’t love the creamy, yellow color on the walls anymore so the art also serves to cover the paint which takes away my urge to repaint the room….not going to happen…right now :)

Also, I wasn’t interested in putting a million holes in the wall that I would have to patch later so I decided to use washi tape that I had laying around and glue dots for the heavier pieces. I just discovered these amazing glue dots at Michael’s and I have been using them for everything lately, including our basketball tournament bracket.

The adhesive dots are strong and they pop right off without damaging the wall. You do have to be careful not to rip the art when taking it down but when we take these down we will be getting rid of them anyway because they will be saved in the app.


I really like the free flowing feel of the art covering the wall without being confined by frames. And, needless to say it didn’t cost me a penny!


Little man was so proud to see all his artwork hanging up and he liked helping choose which ones to use. We decided to leave the other three walls blank for now to save for his artwork that he makes throughout the rest of the school year.

Who knows we may end up covering every inch of the walls. We sure have enough to make it happen :)

Now, I know you can all tackle this project so grab some tape and glue dots and turn your kid spaces into a real live art gallery!


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  1. I have been doing the same thing, but using a different adhesive with varying success. Was wondering about using glued it’s Which glue dots do you use? The link is broken.

    1. Sorry, autocorrect. Was wondering about using glue dots. Which glue dots do you use? The link is broken.

      Specifically, which strength? Was considering the removable ones but are they strong enough to hold some of the heavier paper? Thanks!

      1. Hi! These are the glue dots I used They do work better on less heavier pieces but I felt like it also depended on the type of paper. I used washi tape on the ones with that were heavier. Sorry about the broken links and pictures, I’m not sure what’s going on with that post :( Thanks for reading!

      1. Summer,
        Your little man work is amazing, and I am sure beside artwork and school work, memories are also piling up in your camera roll :)
        Thank you so much for mentioning Keepy. Keepy is available on iOS Android, and Amazon Kindle,
        Have a great weekend everyone

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