Let’s Interrupt This Radio Silence For a Brief Message!


Okay, y’all this is how I’m feeling right now still recovering from our Christmas break! Does anyone out there feel me? (This kitty cat was our Christmas present from Santa and our newest family member that we STILL can’t agree on a name for! All suggestions are welcomed!)

I wanted to pop in for just a minute and reassure you that we’re still here and will be back soon for regular broadcasting :) You see I had this grand plan that I would spend the last 4 days of break looking back on 2015, finishing our organizing and planning/prepping for 2016! I had no plans on the schedule, it was going to be perfect! Welp, then there was an invasion and little man and I came down with a nasty bug. :(

So instead of forcing a post out the door just for the sake of posting (one thing I will be trying NOT to do in the New Year) we’re going to take a few more days to get ourselves together here. I’ve enjoyed reading come of my fellow bloggers heartfelt go get’em posts like this one from Style Your Senses as well as the ones, like us, that are still easing back into routine like this one by Courtney from A Thoughtful Place!

We’re also making a few behind the scene site tweaks that I hope will help with your user experience! I know a lot of the archives are hard to find and the project galleries are not up-to-date so we’re fixing those things now. Thanks for your patience and I really think these will be some positive changes!

Cheers to all of you with renewed energy and focus! I will be joining you soon, promise!


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