With A Little Help From My Friends…A Dining Chair Dilemma

Happy Monday Everyone!

Okay friends, I am going to solicit your help this morning! In the words of the Beatles: “With a little help from my friends,” hopefully I’ll be able to decide on some new chairs for our dining room soon! You guys have great ideas and I always love your comments and suggestions!

I am in a bit of a dining chair dilemma! I know this isn’t an end of the world kind of thing but I could still use your help. See, I have these wooden chairs in my dining room that I bought off craigslist awhile back and painted coral. I still love the color and it is an accent color in our home but I am leaning more towards light and airy these days.



They are also a little worn out and I may or may not have used hot glue to attach our chair swag at Christmas time :( But that could be easily touched up so I guess I’m really itching for a change.

I am just dreaming at this point but I would love some input! I want to stick with our light and bright cozy coastal vibe (wow that’s a mouthful) so I’ve come up with three options. Money will definitely be a factor if we do decide to change them out and these three styles can be found pretty comparable in price.


The dining area is pretty small and I am actually going to DIY some type of bench seating for one side so I will only need two chairs. I think the bench and lighter colored chairs will make the space feel a little bigger.

I also found these pretty wooden chairs at HomeGoods that I really liked but they are a little pricey (I know I’m a cheapo) and I’m not sure they would pair well with our table but feel free to weigh in on these too.


Feel free to also let me know if you prefer the coral chairs over these. I’m open to all opinions :)

I keep going back and forth on style but I think I am leaning in one direction now but I am excited to know what you guys think!

So shoot me a comment with your pick!!!


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  1. I’m totally not much help because I really love the coral ones! I wouldn’t be that brave to paint mine that color but love them so much (I guess that’s part of the reason I love blog-land… for the inspiration & to try something bold and different!) Having said that, since you asked for help, I would choose the first one! It reminds me of the beach/coastal, etc. Love the idea of a bench! You go, girl!

  2. I feel like the metal ones have been overdone. I see them everywhere. The Lucite (?) ones do look a bit flimsy as the previous poster said, and the slipcovered ones look more formal and might look heavy visually in your space. I recently had to cover over caning on my chairs with fabric because it fell apart.

    So what I’m saying is….I realllllly like the coral! I feel like it is different and unique. I think the room needs color and the chairs are serving that purpose nicely. It brings out all the little reddish details in the plates on the other wall.

  3. I actually love your current setup! I will warn you about the Ghost side chairs – they are pretty flimsy! I had one as an office chair and I always felt like it may crack at any point. For a dining chair, I would be worried about scratches and overall longevity. Love the HomeGoods chairs. :)

  4. I love the slip covered chairs, but can you imagine how well the others would be able to keep clean?! I would love that perk! The coral is gorgeous, but I like a good ol change up too, now and then :) The home goods chairs are adorable, but are they cane bottom? On my phone and can’t tell. My boys have ruined cane bottom chairs in short order :)

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