May Favorite Things + What’s New Around The House

May Favorite Things + What's New Around The House

May Favorite Things + What’s New Around The House

Happy Friday friends! I hope you’ve all had a great week!  I usually don’t post my favorites quite this early in the month but I’ve already found so many good ones I decided to go ahead and make it happen!

I loved this article about how Rue Magazine’s managing editor, Kelli Lamb, went a year with no shopping.

{Photos by Monica Wang Photography}

These brass frames from Target are my new favorite frames and they are SO cheap! I love them so much that I bought 4 for our bathroom reno!

To tip or not to tip. To all of those who can’t stand when EVERY.SINGLE.RECEIPT from any and every store or business has a tip line, you might enjoy this blog post.

An interesting read about tea tree oil and acne. I bought several of these products and I’m in the process of testing them out. If I get positive results I’ll definitely be sharing them!

I came across this really cool bathroom runner rug and I’m considering it for our long narrow bathroom. It also comes in a regular size!

Ummm, this insanely gorgeous home tour!

May Favorite Things + What's New Around The House - home tour

{This photo and photo above by Rikkki Snyder}

I  love this outdoor side table that doubles as a cooler!

Here is another sneak peek of the bathroom reno y’all! I’m getting SO excited now! We’re about 2-3 weeks out from being 100% DONE!


Well, that’s all for today folks! I’ll be collecting favorite things for June…starting NOW!

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!

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