My Studio Office: The Inspiration

Happy snow day everyone! It’s the first snow we’ve seen here in awhile so everyone is pretty excited!

If you happen to follow me on Instagram you know that I have been gearing up for my studio/office design and makeover. Makeover is not really the right word though because I am pretty much starting from scratch.

I have a sitting area off my master bedroom that I have never really known what to do with. At one time it held a lone desk and a filing cabinet that I never used. Then last year I turned it into a small playroom of sorts for my son to use when we are upstairs…well, turns out we’re never really upstairs.

Once I realized how much fun I was having writing this blog {and how much extra time it takes} I decided I was finally ready to make this space into something that we could enjoy.

My Office Inspiration Board

Also, my son is in kindergarten and starting to have some small assignments and projects so it is a great place for him to work while I get things done too. So the challenge will be carving out a space for him to work along side me.

I love creating spaces that allow us to be together even if we are working. This weekend I started painting the walls while helping him with his school valentine project and I really think this is going to be a great solution.

I want this space to function as a creative writing and craft area for myself as well as the typical office necessities, paperwork, filing, etc. And a small homework area and a some toy storage for little man.

This is probably going to be one of the bigger projects of the year for us so I am going to break it down into several posts. The next post I’ll talk about the design style and stepping out of my comfort zone a bit.

You can probably tell by the inspiration board that I am straying from my roots a little but I am excited about trying something new. There will still be cozy, coastal elements throughout but with more of a modern edge I think. Stay tuned!

Here is a sneak peak of a few elements I will be incorporating into the design.


Little man is pulling me to go take a walk in the snow so I better go…and hit up Starbucks in our neighborhood on the way back :)

Have fun in the snow {if you have any} and stay safe!


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  1. I love this inspiration! I’m wanting to makeover my office too and hopefully in a few months we can move some rooms around to incorporate a craft/office room. My son will be going to Kindergarten in Sept so I was thinking of having a craft/work area for me and a little spot for homework and arts for the kids. This is such great inspiration! Thanks for sharing ;)

    1. Thanks Jamie and you’re welcome! I really do believe now that if you make a space functional and pretty then you will want to use it more and I love that my son and I can be together. It is a constant battle over when and how much time I can spend on the blog while he is awake so I am hoping this will benefit both of us. Good luck with kindergarten, it is definitely a transition! If you search the blog I posted about our school lunch meal plan if your interested when he starts in the fall :)

  2. I need to start organizing my office space, but it’s not well insulated so it’s too cold to go in there! Guess I’m going to have to buy a space heater.

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