Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My Neutral Fall Wardrobe

Happy Thursday, I mean Friday friends! I know, I know, I’m a day late posting again but what’s a girl going to do? It’s summertime and schedules are all out of whack, am I right? Anyway, I’m excited for today’s post because I’m sharing all of the neutral wardrobe pieces that I snagged from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Okay, can I vent for a minute? I love Nordstrom, I really do, but man the items that sell out SO fast them come in and out DRIVE.ME.NUTS! I was stalking this preppy sweater forever and I would see it come back in stock in my size, I would add it to my cart, then go to check out and it would say sold out. OMG! Well, there’s nothing we can do about that I guess friends so we just have to shop what’s in stock and stalk what’s not :)

Also, I bought this popular pocket tee in white in a medium and it was too big and of course it was sold out online when I went to re-order in a small :( But the wonderful people at my local Nordstrom Southpark found one in a store for me and it’s shipping as we speak. I promise you need this t-shirt in your wardrobe and it’s only $15!!!

Okay, so back to the pieces that I actually bought, kept and love! Because you know I bought a few things that didn’t work and I returned thanks to Nordstrom’s super easy (and free) returns!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my wardrobe but in the summer it pretty much consists of gym clothes or cutoffs and t-shirts 95% of the time so that just doesn’t sound very interesting. And at this point in the year I’m usually awaiting the #NSale and for it to be time to talk about fall clothes :) The time is now and I love the neutral staples that I was able to add to my closet. Oh and you better believe that for each piece that comes in at least one, usually more, go out!

And for some reason during this photo shoot it became the Grits Show because he is hanging out in almost all the shots! I must say he is a great prop though! Also, I really don’t have time to seek out a cool backdrop for photos or a unique location so my photographer, Paige, and I just snapped these in my kitchen. And I really didn’t even fix my hair so you get what you get and don’t have a fit as my 9-year-old would say.


First up are the jeans that I splurged on! I will pay up for the right pair of jeans and these are definitely the ones! They fit in all the right places, the color is classic and I love the raw hem. They are pretty stretchy so if you are in between sizes I would size down. I’m wearing a 27. And just for reference I’m 5’7″ and 135 lbs (130 on a good day!).

This striped long sleeve tee is a classic staple and I also have it in black and white from last year. It’s so soft and is not clingy at all. I bought a medium last year and it fit really loose. I’ve since lost a little weight and I bought a small this year which I’m wearing here. But I’m waiting to see if it comes back in stock and I may change it for an extra small. It doesn’t shrink (or at least last year’s version doesn’t) so I would buy true to size if you want a loose fit or size down if you prefer it a little more close fitting. I love wearing this shirt as a layer under vests like my army green military vest.

Next up are the booties of my dreams! Ha, that sounded funny didn’t, lol! These were a hidden gem in the sale, mostly because I didn’t see many people posting about them so I had to dig a little to find them but I’m glad I did! If you followed my Instagram stories you know that I prefer flats over heels any day of the week and the smaller the heel the better. In my younger days I would choose style over comfort but now I almost always choose comfort…almost.

These booties are very similar to the Sam & Libby pair I have from Target that have almost seen their last day, so this item was a must find for me during the sale. And although I always feel like me size 8.5-9 feet look like boats in booties I just don’t care! The leather is so soft, it’s got a bit of a western feel and I love how it cuts in at the ankle. This style goes with everything in my opinion, from jeans and pants to casual skirts and dresses. These are in stock in all sizes and they run true to size.

Next on the agenda are the cold shoulder tops! I didn’t think I would take to this trend as much as I have and I will admit they always look better on and in person than in photos.

I love this tunic sweater because the opening in the shoulder is minimal, just a slit really, to give an otherwise boring sweater some added style. These are great because the material is really soft (I absolutely cannot stand an itchy sweater!) and I love the slits in the sides. It’s longer in the back giving it more of a tunic length. I bought this in gray and black.

The sizing is important for these sweaters. I’m usually a medium or a small depending on the top but I’m wearing both of these in an XXS and there is still plenty of room! It runs really big so I would definitely size down one size but probably two!

Oh hey tag…do y’all see that little boo boo right there?!? Don’t worry friends I promise I’m keeping it, I just forgot to remove the tag lol! At least I didn’t go out of the house like that!

Unfortunately this is one of those items that keeps going in and out of stock so just keep stalking it!

This cold shoulder top surprised me because I wasn’t sure I would like it, but I liked it so much that I’m considering also ordering it in white. It’s got a double layer that almost looks like a ruffle and is super comfortable. It’s a great fall transition piece.

Next up are the athletic/athleisure pieces I scooped up which might be my favorite things! I’m not typically a fan of the Zella leggings that are all the rage because the material is usually just too thick for me. But these ‘Keep It Cool’ crop leggings are a lot thinner and softer than their regular ones.

I really really love them and they are so affordable during the sale at $32, less than half the price of Lululemon, and they feel just as soft to me. I will always love my Lulu’s but I definitely cannot afford them on a regular basis. So what I’m trying to say is these are a great alternate if you love your Lululemon leggings. And these guys are fully stocked so go grab’em!

I will definitely be wearing these leggings to Crossfit in the fall and I paired them with this cozy athleisure top that I can throw on after a workout if I don’t have time for a shower…which is really more often than not…yikes!

I’m wearing a small in the leggings and a medium in the top.

Oops…I spy more tags :) hehehe

I paired the leggings and top here with my favorite Lole puffy vest that will allow more wear as fall transitions to winter. My vest is currently on sale and I’m wearing a small.

And the top is cute enough to even pair with jeans! I obviously thought so lol! What’s up with my cheesy grin?

I had to show you this cute ruffle tiered top too! It’s not a part of the sale and it’s currently out of stock but it’s one of those pieces that you see on the hanger and don’t think you would really like but love it when you actually put it on…and get someone else’s opinion of course!

It’s just another example of the neutral staples in my wardrobe. I don’t wear a ton of accessories or jewelry and usually stick to the same two bags, but the great thing about a neutral wardrobe is you can really dress it up with accessories and most of the pieces are classic so they never go out of style!

{Photos by Paige Winn Photo}

The one thing I didn’t get yet that I want is a cardigan. I hear great things about the Barefoot Dreams one and the rib stitch cardigan but I can’t find either in my size yet but I’m stalking! If you have any knowledge on these two feel free to chime in.


Also, this bag is 100% not in my budget BUT if I had an unlimited budget I absolutely would be adding it to my cart immediately!

These keens are what we scored for my little man! At $33 they were a great deal and my son loves them so much! We’ve already worn them to the White Water Center twice and they really do the job!

And finally, I’m thinking about these Nike’s. I really didn’t have any interest in them until I saw a fellow blogger talk about how great they are for packing because they’re so lightweight and compact. But…do I need another athletic shoe?!? We’ll see..

Here are all the pieces I bought and kept.

Click the images below for more info:

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Here are all the pieces I am still considering or wish I had snagged before they were gone.

Click the images below for more info:

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I’m happy to report that this will probably be my last #NSALE post so we can all get back to normal. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it too :) But with that said, there are some really great deals and I am equally a shopper as I am a blogger!

If you missed my post about all of the home and gift goodies make sure you check it out. There are some really unique finds for your home and a great opportunity to get a jump on holiday gift shopping!

Cheers to the weekend friends!

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