An Ode To The Working Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom Confessions

This is an ode to the working soccer mom. I don’t know how you do it. I’ve always been a working mom with a son who played little league sports and I’ve been able to manage it somewhat so far. But a couple of weeks ago my son started playing soccer lacrosse in a league where he practices three days a week and has a game or more every Saturday and it has rocked my world! I knew the day of competitive sports or other extracurricular activities would come but I underestimated what it truly involves.

I’ve always heard the words that moms are chefs, chauffeurs, personal shoppers, house keepers, etc., but it didn’t truly hit home until this lacrosse season. So as you can see I have taken an unexpected blog break this week because I cannot do it all. There, I said it.

But…I’m going to pick myself up off the floor, do a quick Taylor Swift Shake It Off dance, and come up with a reasonable schedule that works for the sake of my sanity. Thank you for listening and thank you for not ditching me! I am not alone in this right?

An Ode To The Working Soccer Mom

I mean isn’t he the cutest! And don’t worry, I promise he’s not miserable. At almost 8 years old only bribery will sometimes force a smile for the camera!

Soon I’ll be back behind the camera and behind the computer screen with a lot of fun stuff including a completely updated home tour! Stick with me and throw a couple likes and shares my way so I don’t feel completely forgotten :-)

I <3  you guys!


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  1. Summer,

    He is adorable !!! Trust me …… I have been doing this for ten years with two boys and you will survive !….these are the best years of your life . Enjoy!

    1. Carolyn you are always so encouraging! I know it is great for him so we’ll make it work :) I know I’ll be sad when it comes to an end so I’m going to try and enjoy it now! Thanks so much!

  2. You already know how much I love that adorable guy and his hard-working mommy! Breathe. And take all the time you need. I promise we understand.

  3. for sure mamma! always love your posts, whenever they are up! your sanity and that cute little guy come first :)

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