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One Room Challenge: Big Boy Room Week 1

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Happy One Room Challenge Y’all! Are you guys as excited as I am? No? Okay, it’s still early but I promise it’s going to be fun! I’ve decided to give my little man’s room a big boy makeover this time around! He’s not quite as excited as I am but most of the time he trusts me after a little coaxing :)

In case you’re new to the ORC, it is a room makeover challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home where 20 bloggers/designers re-do an entire room in just 6 weeks. The ORC is also open to fellow bloggers to complete their own makeover and link up on Linda’s site. You can see the participants posts here and the link up posts here.


We have a small, three bedroom home but the 3rd bedroom is so tiny that it only functions as my son’s playroom. I’m almost finished fixing up this space for him so it will be fun and functional but we have no true guest room. Let’s face it, we don’t have that many overnight guests but having a space for someone to crash just makes a home feel a little more “grown up” don’t you think?

So, we’ve decided to put a queen size bed in his room (thanks to my sister!) and give it more of a big boy style that will also make guests feel at home. He is only 7 but he has very strong opinions so there are lots of negotiations and compromises in the works :)

This is the plan we have come up with:

One Room Challenge: Big Boy Room Week 1 Fall 2015

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Here are the before pictures:


Do you see our new friend in that there cage? Yep, Hampy the Hampster is the newest member of our family. Say a prayer for me!

One Room Challenge: Big Boy Room Week 1 Fall 2015



Wow, I didn’t realize how much of an “Ikea” room this was until I saw these pics! Needless to say, I’m not sad to see some of it go! And yep, this is how messy it normally is :)

Here is the 6 week punch list:

  1. Replace dresser (the new one is coming this weekend).
  2. Get the bed and nightstand from my sister and DIY/paint.
  3. Find artwork for over the bed.
  4. Find lighting and install.
  5. Buy and hang new bookshelves.
  6. DIY existing mirror (see rope example above).
  7. Buy new bedding.
  8. Accessorize.
  9. Paint room (this is still under major negotiation, me = yes, him = big fat NO).

Seeing as I have 4 room makeovers currently in process we’re going to be on an extremely tight budget! Since I found a great deal on a dresser from Move Loot and we are being gifted a bed and nightstand (from my very generous sister and brother-in-law) I’m going to keep the budget around $500 or under. And you better believe Itsums.com is going to keep me in check!

You can view the details of my budget board HERE and don’t forget to sign up HERE to enter the $150 Pottery Barn Kids gift card! There are still a few days left to enter!

If you go to my board you can see the live links to the products as well as notes that I’ve made for myself. This is a great feature particularly if you work with clients!

One Room Challenge: Big Boy Room Week 1 Fall 2015Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.08.46 AM

So there you have it! It’s official, I have clearly lost my mind, but I’m ready to have a stylish space that functions for us and guests!

Also, I’m headed to Atlanta tomorrow to go antiquing with Eddie Ross so make sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (simplestylings)!



*Thanks to Itsums for sponsoring this post and thanks to YOU for supporting Simple Stylings. My opinions are always my own.*


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  1. The classic blue and coastal elements are such a great look. I really like the dresser on your board! I’m sure he is going to love it and can’t wait to see it at the finish line!

  2. Um, antiquing with Eddie Ross?? You might as well have just casually mentioned you were having dinner with the President. That’s a dream come true – enjoy! And good luck with the ORC – I always love to see how people interpret a multi-purpose room. And your son is adorable :).

  3. love love love your color scheme. He definitely needs a bigger bed. How exciting!! Can’t wait to see the progress. I have the same budget for my kitchen makeover. Definitely a big challenge.xx

  4. Such a smart idea to use a bigger bed in case you have guests! Also, if you are looking for a beach print and have a good photo, art.com has great prices if you print your own photos. That what I have done. If you need a beach photo, I have a ton and would be happy to share.

  5. I love your plans for his bedroom! All of the blue and coastal finishes will be great. I am taking part in the challenge ans redoing my boy’s bedroom as well. I have to say, if this is the mess of your son’s bedroom I am impressed. My kids are professional mess makers. Part of me redoing their rooms is to make major toy organization! I am also doing a few other room redo’s at the same time. We are all a little crazy and we love every minute of it! I am excited to follow along!

  6. I love it so much and cannot wait to see what you and “the client” agree upon. Ummm how did I not know you got a hampster?!?! Giggling.

    love you sweet friend! xoxox

  7. Oh, how I love designing spaces for boys – although mine aren’t yet as opinionated! :) I can’t believe he is opposed to your painting the room! But I love the plan – especially those blue and white stripes, because who doesn’t like stripes?! Guests will feel right at home!

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