One Room Challenge Fall 2014: Week 4

Welcome to my One Room Challenge Week 4 Update! Yikes you guys, I can’t believe there are only two weeks to go! I better get to work!

ORC '14

If you missed any weeks here they are: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3.

As you know I had not planned to rip out all of my wire shelving until I came across a sale on the Martha Stewart closet organizer from Home Depot! And I will tell you it was totally worth it!!! I’m so ready to organize!


I’m testing out some gold washi tape trim on the edges. What do you think? Yay or nay?



This unit was pretty easy to install and I’m happy with the quality! It’s so versatile too, I can configure it any way I want. I’m still not sure what the best fit will be but I can’t wait to get my clothes back in.


Since I hadn’t planned on spending money on the closet organizer the budget has taken a hit in all other areas. So the capiz shell chandelier is out :( First off it wouldn’t be enough light so we were going to have to install some can lights or another type of additional lighting that there aren’t funds for anymore. And I would have to buy the new light for the dining room too.

I’ve had this chandelier in my attic for awhile and what was once brass, then green is now turquoise :) With some cute bulbs I think this will work and put off enough light. It’s not the wow factor I was hoping for so I guess I have to wow in a different area!



I did pick up some pretty hangers from HomeGoods and this rug. But…the rug is too small because of course I forgot my measurements while I was shopping :) Don’t worry, I’ve got another one in mind.


And on to the clothes. I’m getting closer to finishing the purge but I’m taking my time because I want to be really strict about it. I’ve gotten rid of 1/2 of my shoes so far and 1/4 of my clothes. I’ve got piles for trash, donation and yard sale/ebay/craigslist. Everything that has made the cut lands on this clothing rack and then I’ll make the final cut. Post coming on this process soon…



So that’s all folks! There’s not much I can check off the actual list this week but here is what’s happening this weekend: the accent wall, dresser painting, light hanging, and rug/basket shopping.

Progress Update

1. Remove wire shelving at the back of the closet (I removed it all!)

2. Add a mirror and dresser, shelf for sweater storage (dresser is in the works)

3. Remove florescent light fixture and add a chandelier (chandelier has been painted)

4. Add a cozy rug (found one but it’s too small) and artwork

5. Create new shoe storage

6. DIY jewelry storage

7. Purge and organize clothes (in process as you can see!)

8. Add baskets for storage (spotted some but haven’t sealed the deal)


You can find the participants posts from  yesterday and today’s link ups at Calling It Home!

Here is the original plan. A few things have changed but I think I’m still somewhat on track. What do you guys think?

OB-Closet Inspiration

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  1. Looking so good! I love that you’re doing the ORC and getting some serious organization in your life! I’m big on purging. I swear I purge the entire house every quarter. Somehow the junk keeps coming back!

  2. I’m a purist, and like the white without the tape. Probably, because i would think that it might peal off over time? Anyway, it’s a fantastic closet with or without the gold tape. Love the chandy in blue. Jealous of your organized space.

  3. So awesome!!! Glad to hear about that closet system…I need to do our closet and want a good system, but economical!! Love the turquoise chandelier and can’t wait to see more! When you are done wanna come to NJ and help me purge our closets? :)

  4. Wow. I am impressed with how much you did this week! And you know I love that turquoise (aqua) chandy!! And most impressed with your ability to purge clothes. I am so bad at that…keep telling myself that oneday, I’ll fit into those pants again… xo

  5. That closet organizer looks great and will be great storage space! And I think the chandelier is really fun! Love the pop of blue. Have you tried for any of your clothes? I have my first bag waiting to send to them, so I can’t totally vouch for them, but it sure sounds like a good deal. I always have way too many clothes that either never get worn or only a few times because my closet is such a disaster that I don’t know what I have! LOL!

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