One Room Challenge: Week 1, The Porch Project Plan

Just FYI y’all…I HAVE OFFICIALLY LOST MY MIND! I have decided to take the leap and join in the One Room Challenge fun again this time around. April might literally be the busiest month for me in like ever but the feeling of missing out is even greater than that. #kiddingnotkidding Didn’t I just write a post about slowing down on projects this year…did you believe that???

ORC '14

The One Room Challenge is created and hosted by Linda of Calling It Home and it is a 6 week challenge where 20 designers makeover a complete space and post weekly updates. The participants post their updates every Wednesday and Linda opens the challenge up to those wishing to link up every Thursday. You can read more about it here.   Now let’s get down to business…


So ironically I sold my front porch furniture last year in order to purchase the furniture for my deck makeover which means the front porch has been bare for almost a year. Seriously?!?! Nothing on it at all. And what’s up with that? I live in the South and have a full front porch, isn’t that what we’re known for? Well, my porch has always stumped me because it is so narrow but this time I decided it’s not going to get the best of me. I will figure this out!

I’ve come up with a plan and it’s going to be on a mega tight budget too, as in under $500 but I’d really like to keep it around $300. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what I change, take away or decide to DIY. I’m not sure why my ORC’s end up being outdoor spaces but I blame it on Spring fever!

So here is the typical, beautiful porch that every Southerner covets (and maybe Northerners too). The ceiling will be an painted a classic “haint blue” with beautiful pastels and rich rattans.

One Room Challenge: Week 1, The Porch Project Plan

{via Style Me Pretty}

Gather. Community. Share. Table.

I’ve had this huge desire lately to serve my neighbors, family and friends by establishing a monthly standing supper like the old days. I miss that about our hurried culture and I think Spring porch parties would be a perfect place to start this tradition. Stay tuned because there are many more plans in the works with this theme in mind.

But…I’d like to mix the traditional up a little with this vibe so check out these inspiration images:

One Room Challenge: Week 1, The Porch Project Plan

{via Apartment Therapy}

The cozy vibe of all of these spaces is contagious! If you know me you know string lights will be involved!


{via Design Sponge}


{via The Garden Glove}


{via Celebrating Everyday Life}


{via Style Me Pretty}


{Look Linger Love via The Home Depot}


Here are the before pictures. It is so bad and bare in every way! I’d love to rip out all of the shrubs too and start over too but I don’t think that’s in the budget :(

Can you see where I took the shutters down to repaint them on the 2nd floor window? Oops, I guess I need to finish that project! There is a lot to be desired here but fear not, I will transform it to the craftsman style bungalow it deserves!




The porch is long but do you see how narrow? It is a difficult space to work with that’s for sure.

One Room Challenge: Week 1, The Porch Project Plan

The plan is to paint the ceilings a beautiful “haint blue” and repaint the trim, build two custom farm style tables, give simple folding chairs a fun makeover, add an outdoor pendant, two fans, string lights, curtains and greenery. I’m also hoping to remove the deck railings as a traditional craftsman style porch would have but I’ve got to run that by my HOA first.

OB-ORC Porch Project

String lights // Farm table (mine will be a DIY using these legs) // Folding Chairs & Spray Paint // Ceiling Light // Fans // Curtains //

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to make this happen. With the dining room wrapping up and the kitchen reno going full steam ahead I just don’t know what I’m thinking. But like I said, I hate missing out and the excitement of the ORC is just too fun to pass up!

Speaking of, you’ve got to check out the amazing 20 participating bloggers! It really is going to be so much fun to follow!

Also, I’ll be using Itsums.com to make sure I keep my purchasing budget in check! You can see my budget board here.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.42.17 AM

I hope you follow along with everyone and comment and share! It’s going to be a whole lotta fun!



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  1. Such charming inspiration photos. I’m making over a porch and patio too! I already have my ceiling painted a Haint blue inspired color and it is just lovely. I’ll be watching what you do! I’m sure you are as giddy as I am to have a new space outdoors for the spring/summer ahead!

  2. Summer, I love the inspiration photos! The string lights will be such a fun, inviting touch. Can’t wait to see how this progresses every week. I am hoping for an invite to the amazing events you will have on your porch.

  3. Hello your inspiration board looks great. I really like the ceiling fan you chose but your link isn’t working. Can you let me know the name please?

  4. Hard to believe it’s a year ago now when I joined my first ORC and found your blog, Summer! Your back deck is still one of my favorite makeovers ever! I can’t wait to see what you do with your porch…. And yes, northerners covet these front porches! So excited to do another challenge and follow along with you! xo

  5. I love the idea of monthly dinners on the porch. Great Idea. I also love that you are doing an outdoor space. Good luck. I’m looking forward to following along over the next few weeks.

  6. I am so excited that you are joining in again! Your spaces are always knock outs, and I know this will be no different! We definitely don’t have the front porch culture here in Denver, so I am going to live vicariously through you and your porch! But I will make more of an effort to talk to neighbors when we are out on walks – in your honor :)

  7. Love your cute cottage. I am Southern gal and a lover of porches!! I have some of your same images pinned as well. My porch ceilings are blue and I can’t wait to see your progress!

  8. Summer, I honestly don’t know how you’re doing it with your kitchen reno and new business, but kudos! I’m feeling the same way about the month of April. :) I love being inspired by you and participating in ORC, where I found a new friend! I love your inspiration from some of my favorite places like Style me Pretty, Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy! Great design board, plans, and bones for you to turn this into a gem! -Sarah

  9. I so wish we had a front porch!! We’ve talked about adding one on and I would definitely paint the ceiling blue :)

  10. Ahh!!! This is so exciting. Have you ever heard of FOMO? (“Fear of Missing Out”)- Sure, those of us who have it may never sleep again but at least we’ll have beautiful bedrooms and porches!! Ha!! Seriously, your inspiration porches are drool-worthy and I know you’re going to make this amazing. Bravo on the budget tracking too. Can’t wait to follow along girl!

  11. I am a misplaced Southerner living in New England … and oh how I envy that front porch … small or not … and the beautiful weather that comes along with it. Looking forward to you making the entertaining place you want it to be!

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