One Room Challenge, Week 2: How We Got Here and More Planning Details

Good morning and welcome back to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge. If you missed the initial post you can read it here.

I don’t know about you but I am so excited about Week 2 of the ORC! I love seeing the inspirational plans and progress of all the contestants and the link ups! If you need the link to all the contestants posts you can head over to Calling It Home and check them out.


As you probably know from all of the social media teasing I have been working on my office/studio makeover for months now. I am still working on it and I promise it is so close and I will be sharing the reveal soon!

I don’t think I realized it until now but I am a major planner when it comes to a space that I am really invested in {not applicable to DIY projects} so this week for my ORC post I am going to give you a little photo tour of how we got to where we are with the deck and more detailed plans.

Another reason I am spending a lot of time planning this out is because we are headed to Tybee Island, GA for spring break on Saturday so I am going to miss a big chunk of work time. So I thought if I could plan and source everything on paper then I can hit the ground running when we get back.

Here is the design plan again from my inspiration board I shared last week.

OB-ORC deck

I have started and finished a couple DIY projects already though so I’m looking forward to sharing those with you during Week 3.

So here is a little photo tour of our deck build. I should have a whole series called Dad’s DIY, dedicated to all the projects that my Dad does for me around my house :) I know he has been anxious to see this post on the blog so here’s to all your hard work, Dad, you’re the best! Oh yeah, and we still have to stain this thing! I am a good project manager, right???

Also, there isn’t going to be a tutorial on how to build a deck, sorry, I just didn’t pay that much attention :( But feel free to leave any questions in the comment section and I will be happy to get answers for you as best I can!

Here is the before. Don’t mind everything strewn across the yard :) Yuck, right?!


Removing the steps and railings.


Hanging the support boards.


Digging holes for the posts.


Papa’s little helper.


Is he not the cutest in his element!





Cutting posts to size. 



The floor is down and railings are almost finished. 


Finishing the steps and railings.


And here it is. We finished up just before the holidays so needless to say I’ve been anxious to decorate and use this space.

We still have to pressure wash and stain it but isn’t gorgeous!!! Dad, you’re amazing!!!


So here’s the to do list:

1. Stain and pressure wash the deck.

2. Paint the awning and door trim and touch up the door.

3. Sell current table and chairs on craigslist and hunt for an awesome deal on furniture. {in progress}

4. Buy Tiki torches and mount them: from Home Depot.

5. Paint the chiminea and base. {in progress}

6. Find/build two side tables: using nautical spool side table and a DIY stump table

7.  Find and hang an arts and crafts style light fixture.

8. Purchase rug, outdoor pouf and pillows: Target.

9. Figure out grill placement.

10. Build or hunt for a vintage cooler/and or bar cart.

11. DIY upcycled marquee anchor.

12. Hang string lights: from Target.

13. Find pots/planters and decide on plants.

14. Shop our home and thrift stores for styling accessories.

15. Throw a PARTAY!!! {this is my favorite part!}

It seems like a long list but I’m feeling pretty good about it so far. Ask me again during weeks 5 and 6 :)

So here are just a few pics of what needs to be tackled and some purchases I’ve made to get a few of those things out of the way.

Painting is desperately needed and a new light fixture, wouldn’t you agree? What is that wimpy little thing anyway?



And what about the door where my dogs scratch? I just painted the doors in the fall!


And the comes the fun stuff…


 And the pretty stuff…


 I hope you’re enjoying all of the room makeovers and maybe its even inspiring you to do a little spring refreshing in your own homes.

We are headed out of town for spring break next week and I’m going to try and take a much needed break but make sure to look for a few DIY projects for Week 3 of the ORC. I will post some Tybee Island fun on social media too so make sure to follow along.

You can find all of the linking participants Week 2 posts here so head on over and check ’em out!




















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  1. I love the direction you’re going – looks so lovely. I’ve got the same tan set and I’ve been trying to decide on accent colors – love yours!!

  2. I think it’s great that you have taken time to plan properly. It helps me to put it on paper too! I love the deck! It’s nice to have the help, I bet!

  3. This is amazing! The deck looks so good, you must be thrilled! And I feel your pain on the door scratches…I have four dogs who hate my door :/

  4. I really like your style. Those pillows are gorgeous and go so well with that amazing rug. Gosh now I wish I had a deck to decorate in cuteness like. But for now I’m an apartment dweller. You are inspiring me to work on jazzing up one of our rooms.

  5. What a great extension to your home. I can’t wait to see it all decorated. Our deck is a mess right now, so will be fun to get inspiration from yours.

  6. That’s awesome that y’all built this, it needed that deck- cannot wait to see more!

    1. I just looked up your site. That is SO cool you are in real estate in Charleston, SC! That is my favorite place in the world and we hope to move that way in the next 5-7 years. Seems like a long time but it’s my dream :) My boyfriend is a realtor and real estate investor in Charlotte (as am I but I don’t practice)! Maybe we will run into you sometime as we are down there a lot :)

  7. That deck is awesome and has my mind spinning on how I can make that work in my own yard!!! Wish I had that cute of a helper :)

      1. I totally understand Summer :) …. I know how busy life gets. I am new at this and it’s keeping me on my toes so I can’t imagine how busy it keeps you! Have a fabulous spring break! Ours starts next week on Friday! Counting down!

  8. You gave yourself a full plate for sure!! It’s going to look great and just in time for lounging all summer! I will be in Savannah this weekend too!

  9. I had no idea you guys BUILT the deck! This is so fun, that mood board kills me and just screams summertime and margaritas! Love it!

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