One Week Challenge, Week 4: Progress and Setbacks

Linda from Calling It Home “called” it when she said week 4 of this challenge would be hard. For me this was the week where my lofty goals came to a head with reality. I am not where I wanted to be with the deck at this point…but don’t worry I’m only freaking out a little I have a plan!

You can find the other three posts here if you missed them: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3


Unfortunately this post won’t be full of a bunch of pretty pictures but I’ll be working my you know what off this weekend so next week’s post should be GOOD!

Here is just a reminder of the plan:

OB-ORC deck

And this is where we are:

The deck has been cleared for pressure washing tomorrow.




The current patio set has been listed for sale on craigslist. You can find the ad here if any of our local folks are interested :)


Thanks to my IG friends I’m very close to deciding on a stain color and will be picking that up today.


I’m really excited about this one because furniture was a big question mark for me.

Here is a sneak peek of the patio furniture deal I think I have secured. It’s not quite as modern as I would like but it is a high quality set for a great price and the color is pretty good.


Believe it or not the lighting is still up in the air. Here are the options I posted earlier in the week.

I really love option 1 and 3 but after more research I realized the stems were not included with these two. That pretty much puts them over budget :( I love #4 but not enough to justify the highest price tag. So, I’m going with option 2 or the Ikea light with a little DIY love added.

OB-Deck Lighting Board


I am still holding out hope for a complete DIY light {I had a couple light bulb moments yesterday ~ pun intended} but we’ll see what time will allow!

I think I really want to incorporate this Target tray in the design somehow! I’ve seen it at Target several times and I swear I can’t stop thinking about it :) Hopefully the budget will allow for it but.


And here is the updated punch list:

1. Stain and pressure wash the deck. {pressure washing is happening today, staining is happening Fri-Sun}

2. Paint the awning and door trim and touch up the door. {this should happen Fri-Sun}

3. Sell current table and chairs on craigslist and hunt for an awesome deal on furniture. {patio set is listed}

4. Buy Tiki torches and mount them: from Home Depot. {this should happen after staining is finished and dry, Mon-Tues}

5. Paint the chiminea and base. 

6. Find/build two side tables: using nautical spool side table and a DIY stump table

7.  Find and hang arts and crafts style light fixture. {light to be nailed down soon and hung next week}

8. Purchase rug, outdoor pouf and pillows: Target.

9. Figure out grill placement. {this will happen around the middle-end of week 5}

10. Build or hunt for a vintage cooler/and or bar cart. {found a cooler at HomeGoods but holding out for a vintage one}

11. DIY upcycled marquee anchor. {disappointed I didn’t get this done this week but hope to have it done by Sunday}

12. Hang string lights: from Target. {this will happen around the middle-end of week 5}

13. Find pots/planters and decide on plants. {going with two ferns, need planters from Ikea, also some DIY hanging planters I think}

14. Shop our home and thrift stores for styling accessories. {in progress}

15. Throw a PARTAY!!! {this is my favorite part!}

So, we’re not in terrible shape but I really had hoped the staining would be out of the way by now. But I’m excited about everything coming together.

Head over to Calling It Home to see all of the contestants and linking participants! Follow me on Instagram this weekend and watch our progress.


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  1. The deck is looks awesome! Have you seen this light?

    It’s pretty affordable, Kristin F. Davis Designs ordered it for her bathroom makeover. I think it can be used outdoors, but I’m not sure.

  2. p.s. my apologies for posting twice (now three times)…i forgot to scroll back to the top and thought that my comment never posted…sorry!

  3. I can’t wait to see it all stained. You are a brave, brave woman! And I’m thinking that i’m going to really like your new patio set situation…I love the chunky look! I can already taste the margaritas…cheers!

  4. LOVE the dark ash!! I cannot wait to see what you pick! I just sold my white sectional from my porch- I should have reached out to you ;-) This looks so good and can I say your little man is adorable!

  5. Those Target trays are awesome!!! I’m going to have to go see if mine carries them… Good luck with everything this week. Your plan is beautiful and you are doing great!! :)

  6. Summer, I just love the direction you’re headed with this outdoor room. The new furniture and light are going to be amazing and you are going to rock this project!! Also your little guy is such a cutie patootie. He looks like a great helper :)

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