Our 2018 Home Punch List

Our 2018 Home Punch List

Happy Wednesday guys! I hope you’re having a great week!

Before we get started I wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who commented on my Instagram / Facebook posts about my #NOisthenewYES post! Your responses were overwhelmingly encouraging! The gist of it is that I’m not super big on New Year’s resolutions or words of the year but my goal is to say no more this year! I am a people pleaser by nature because I care about people and I truly want to do it all, but I’ve come to the realization that I just can’t. So I’m pledging to say no more often so that I can spend time on what really matters to our family. Anyway, that’s all I want to say about that so THANK YOU!

Okay, back to the scheduled programming. Today I want to talk for a minute about some of our goals for 2018. We’ve gone pretty minimal around here, you know less is more kind of thing, so I’m keeping the goals simple! I’ve also come to accept that although I want to make ALL the goals and do ALL the things it’s actually more productive to name a few goals that are actually attainable. And, hey, if I have leftover time before the end of the year I can always add a few more to the list…bahahaha :)

Here are our 2017 home goals:

1. Replace flooring in little man’s room and accessorize.

I finished painting my son’s room over Christmas break and next up is to replace the carpet. And the walls are currently bare so we’re searching for some fun options for personalizing his space.

Our 2018 Home Punch List big boy room

2. Find two new chairs for the living room.

This wall in our living room is a sore spot because I’ve had nothing there, then two chairs and table, then a bench and basket and now I’m back to nothing. I sold the bench and I’m leaving the wall blank for now so I can really think about what we really want. I am leaning towards two chairs again but something similar to this style.

3. Replace the vanity and light fixture in the downstairs bathroom.

We updated the flooring in this bathroom years ago and I added a new mirror but it’s now time for the vanity and light fixture to go! This is a small bathroom so it should be a pretty easy fix but it will have a huge impact in the space. I promise it is a lot more beat up now than it looks here!

Our 2018 Home Punch List bathroom

4. Paint the playroom (possibly a moody color), add a ceiling fan, curtains and change the artwork.

A year or two ago we turned our tiny 3rd bedroom into a playroom for little man and as he gets older it’s becoming more of a hang out for him and his buddies to watch movies and play the Xbox. So we’re thinking a darker color would make it fun and cozy and we’ve never gone moody on the walls in our house yet!

Our 2018 Home Punch List playroom

5. Complete and maintain our whole house organizing (this is almost finished).

If you saw my last lengthy organizing post from October you know that my goal was to have the entire house organized and running more efficiently by December 31st! We were pretty close to making this goal and have most of our systems in place, we just need to tweak a few things and then I’ve got to get it on paper for you guys :)

Our 2018 Home Punch List office

6. Start work on the exterior and garage. PLEASE SEND HELP!

I’m not holding myself to anything specific here but the deck needs re-staining, the yard needs a ton of maintenance and the garage is in need of major organizing! This is the deck in it’s prime but a lot has weathered since then.

Our 2018 Home Punch List deck

Well, guys, thanks for hanging in and listening to our home goals! I’m sure some of you wonder why I can’t just be content with the state of things…well I’m a designer by passion and when you don’t have anyone’s house to decorate you just have to stick with your own. That’s only partially true though :) I do enjoy changing our home to meet our needs, grow with my son and function more efficiently for our family which IS most important!

Do you set project goals every year? If so, what are some of your home improvement goals you want to tackle in 2018?


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  1. Girl I totally understand “needing” to change things. My hubby makes fun of me for it but he doesn’t argue anymore because he knows I’ll do it anyway. He usually just sighs, shakes his head and walks away, but then tells me how nice it looks later :)

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