Do You Have A Prop Box?

Good morning friends.

I know this is a weird title and you’re probably wondering if I have lost my marbles but hear me out for a minute. And p.s. it’s not going to be a pretty post either but I think it’s an important one.

My name is Summer and I have a prop box. I’m not exactly sure what comes to mind when I say that but this is the best way I could come up with to describe it .

Basically, I have a bin full of home decor and accessories that I keep nearby to change out my decor. Not seasonal stuff that comes in and out of the attic but things I love and don’t have the room to display all at once.

Now I’m sure you’re asking what does this have to do with anything. Well, since you all know I’m usually on a pretty tight budget and I’m a home design blogger so sometimes that doesn’t go hand in hand. In order to keep my decor from feeling tired and boring I will replace items such as vases, garlands, feathers, fake flowers, fabric, etc around the house every few weeks. This satisfies my need for change as well as keeping my budget intact.

Do You Have A Prop Box? www.simplestylings.com
Do You Have A Prop Box?

Wow, I think I need to refinish my hardwoods! I didn’t realize they were so bad…geez :)

Do You Have A Prop Box? www.simplestylings.com
Do You Have A Prop Box?
Do You Have A Prop Box? www.simplestylings.com
Do You Have A Prop Box?

I call it a prop box because I use a lot of my items for photographing my house but feel free to call it anything you like.  I really suggest grabbing a plastic bin from Target and searching your house and attic for those items you really love that don’t see the light of day very often.

Make sure to keep it in an accessible place so you can get to it easily or the concept won’t work very well. Try pulling from your bin and switching some items in your house this week and see if it helps. And, you might as well use it as a time to purge those items that you don’t really love too right!?

I’d love to know how it goes!

Have a great week!


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  1. My Mom & i were dirt poor so we were probably among the original minimalists of our generation. But every month i’d come home from school and all the furniture would be all rearranged! It really made a difference just like getting all new stuff does.
    Sometimes she would pick me up at school and take me home to a whole different house! Seeing a For Rent sign lit her eyes up the way new shoes do for most women. We always rented furnished houses so there wasn’t much heavy lifting involved in moving, so we moved often (and she ALWAYS left the previous house so immaculately clean you could eat off the floor!) Back then sofa side tables had a small drawer and upper shelf. That little drawer was her ‘office’ where all papers, pens, bills were kept. (Now i have an entire bedroom for my desk & every office supply known to man piled everywhere! arrrgggh)
    Mom had her suitcase for clothes, one box for kitchen stuff, one box for linens. (the only ‘decorative’ item she owned were three copper molds she hung in the kitchen.)
    I had one suitcase for clothes, and a footlocker for toys & our winter coats. When i got a little bigger i acquired my own rolling fold up cot-bed, then in my preteens i was given my very own cosmetics case. And that was it …. until i grew up and got my own first apartment – i soon became a packrat and eventually grew into a semi-hoarder, and now live with a full-blown-hoarder.
    Now i have so much stuff i’m stressed & overwhelmed and often long for those simpler days from my youth.

    1. Accumulating things is the norm these days it seems making it hard to part with them! Such a sweet story! If you have a chance read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying it up and it really puts the simplicity in perspective! Thanks for sharing Brianna!

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