Pursuing Unconventional Dreams and a Magazine Feature

Happy Friday Y’all!!! I hope you had a great week! We have made it through {I hope} a last ditch effort at this NC winter thing and are holding our breath for blue skies and 70 degree temps coming up!

I have a bit of exciting news to share with you but first I want to chat a little bit about dreams, particularly the unconventional kind.

I am a dreamer. I mean a head in the clouds, have 50 million different ideas and interests, don’t know what to do first kind of dreamer. And at first you might think this is a great quality, and it can be, but there is a catch.

If you have amazing dreams but you can’t focus on any one dream for any length of time, focus and direction can become a problem.

IMG_0928 {photo by me, quote by me}

Let me help you put this in perspective. I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian (not sure why because I can’t stand the sight of blood), an FBI agent (because that would be super awesome), a night club owner (this one’s for you Ki), an interior designer (not too far fetched), a travel agent (don’t get my parents started on this one), a real estate agent (this one is sort of true), a singer (this is still true but you haven’t heard me sing), a sports photographer/writer (this is probably the path I should have taken).

I could go on and on. My family teases me about what type of “agent” I will be next.

I also have big non-career related dreams. I want to volunteer at an orphanage and help children or travel for a cause, I want to travel the world and take my kid(s) to live abroad for a year, I want wanted to adopt, I want to create an amazing home for my family, I want to paint, I want to live at the beach (particularly Charleston, SC) and so on.

My point here is that as I have grown I wished I had been able to settle on a handful of dreams or career options to focus on earlier but deep down in my heart I never let the dreams die.

This is what comes from pursuing radical dreams and how can I argue with that?


I don’t know what gave me the courage to follow my dream of adoption as a single mom with not a big income but I know my faith in God carried me through.

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” 2 Chronicles 15:7 NIV

The reason big dreams are on my mind right now is that I have discovered that this blog has become one of my dreams. Such an unusual way to realize a dream I think but it is part of me now. Finally I am able to channel my love for photography and writing, decorating, relationships, creating and sharing all in one place. Why didn’t I figure this out sooner?

And, the reason I feel like my dream is actually coming true is because little ol’ Simple Stylings has landed it’s very first magazine feature! Our local Lake Norman Currents is a beautiful, glossy, lifestyle magazine that is truly loved in our area!

I reached out to the publisher, Sharon Simpson whom I met years ago when I was an intern at the Lake Norman magazine, to let her know that I am around and would love to contribute to the magazine if she ever had a need for any DIY features. The next thing I know the editor emailed me to ask if they could feature Simple Stylings in the March home issue and of course my answer was a very quick and resounding YES!

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 11.00.00 AM

I am truly humbled by this and I really can’t believe it still!


This feature is so special to me because this is my home, my community and I am so thankful I get to be a part of it. So local folks let’s get involved!

Check out Currents and Simple Stylings and all the great local thrift and antique shopping in our area…hey that might be a new blog post topic! Would you like a post about local shopping? There is a feature article in Currents about this right now!

And a huge thanks to Lake Norman Currents and all of you, my faithful readers, because without you these dreams wouldn’t be realized. I would rather be dreamer any day of the week than dreamless, wouldn’t you?

Have an awesome weekend!


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  1. I am a dreamer too. Some call it ADD but I like to believe it’s just a love of a lot of things! So glad you took a chance and contacted your old co worker! I will have to check out the mag.

  2. Summer. My dreamer soul sister…I am so proud of you for reaching out like that!! This is fabulous news and well deserved!!! xoxo

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