The Seashell Necklace You’ve Always Wanted

   Good morning friends!

Remember walking on the beach when you were little and finding the perfect shell, with the perfect little hole at the top and you put it in your bucket to take home and make a necklace? You know what I’m talking about {even you guys}, I know you do, but it NEVER happens, right?

Well, for once it finally did happen. All of my childhood memories of collecting perfect shells and making beautiful necklaces out of them came true!

One of the teachers in little man’s class is Michelle but all the kiddos love to call her “Miss Shell”. So to celebrate her birthday this week the kids brought in shells to put in a bucket for her.

We just happened to be at the beach this weekend and found a little white shell with a hole at the top. Immediately we knew that we had to make Miss Shell a necklace and little man was thrilled about the idea!


I found these beads at the Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago that I’m using for another fun project {spoiler alert} and I thought they would be great to use for the necklace!

Could that shell be any more perfect?


I thought the colored beads would be too much, we wanted something a little more sophisticated :) We even talked about spray painting them. What color do you ask…but gold of course?!

But in the end we decided the blue beads looked really pretty against the white shell.

Do you love those little fingers and toes as much as I do?


We got to work stringing the beads onto the fishing line that we got from Papa. After only a few spills and starting over several times we got it the length we wanted.

Please ignore the dirty, cluttered garage in the background…it is only in  your imagination!




And here I am modeling our creation! Ladies, you would wear this wouldn’t you?


After the we finished we used a sharpie to write a little note to Miss Shell with the date, class name and year!

Miss Shell, if you’re reading we hope you love it!!!


So what do you think?

Run to the dollar store and grab some beads, find some string or fishing line and take them with you on vacation and make your daughter’s dream come true this summer :)

Have a great day everyone! The weekend is almost here again!!!


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  1. How sweet! I’m sure she loved it! We were actually at the beach last week and I found a few of those shells and thought the same thing! I actually have a few in our stash, I think I see some necklace making in my future! :)

  2. OMG!!!! This is Miss Shell, I ABSOLUTELY WHOLE HEARTEDLY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE My Necklace!!!!!

    I genuinely love home made items created by these little minds….. Little Man is a gem!!!!

    Thanks Summer… You’re the Bomb!!!

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