Teaching My Son The Power Of Prayer In The Busy Season

Teaching My Son The Power Of Prayer In The Busy Season

Happy Tuesday y’all! This time of year is when life gets pretty hectic for us with lacrosse gearing up, work and blogging going strong, not to mention just a little spring fever in the air. In the midst of all the excitement it’s easy for mommy survival mode to kick in causing other things to fall by the way side.

This spring I’m trying to maintain good habits and implement a few new routines to our day that will help us stay sane and also help us grow in our faith and strengthen our family, even in the busy season.

Teaching My Child The Power Of Prayer In The Busy Season

Let me say this up front…I believe in the power of prayer. Not only because I am a Christian and I believe that God hears our prayers, but also because it’s important to lift others up, take the focus off of ourselves and truly ask for something to the benefit of our neighbors.

My son is quickly approaching 9 years old and for a long time I’ve been trying to figure out how to teach him about more in depth praying. Of course we say our “God is great’s” and “Now I lay me’s” but that’s merely practice for the real thing, right? After much thought I came up with what we call our prayer board. This is not a new concept and if you’ve ever attended any kind of Sunday school you have probably experienced the teacher asking for prayer requests, writing them on a board or taking notes, and praying for those people specifically.

Why not create our very own prayer board? One we can add to or remove when prayers are answered. Names of friends and family members, neighbors and organizations that we love and know could use our prayers. No prayer is too small or too big. He hears them all, right?

Teaching My Son The Power Of Prayer In The Busy Season of life

To take this one step further, if you are in need of prayers for any reason I want to ask you to leave a comment below (specific or not) or head over to our Facebook page. We’ll have a post where you can add your name or the name of anyone who needs an extra prayer. I’ll admit, I’m shy and not always the first person to raise my hand and speak up in front of a crowd but we all go through ups and downs and I personally want to become more comfortable and vocal about expressing my own prayer needs and those of my family.

So, don’t be shy! My little man and I want to pray for you, specifically and intentionally! We’ll look at the comments and FB posts and add your prayer requests to our board.

If spring is your busy season or if life just always seems a little too hectic, know that someone is praying for you!

Cheers and have a lovely week!

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  1. Hi Summer, I love that you’re doing this together with your son. Would you put my marriage on your prayer list. My husband and I have been having issues for a long time and I feel at the end of what I can handle, and how it’s affecting our children. Deep issues at hand, but a simplified version is a lack of respect, love, empathy, as well as emotional and verbal abuse. I’d appreciate your prayers. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Kesha, thank you so much for sharing! You and your family are on our board. We are praying for your renewed strength and hope and resolutions in your marriage and family life. Hang in there, you are in our prayers.

  2. I’m feeling a little lost with what to do with my life and would love it if you could send up a prayer hat I am able to hear Gods whispers and find guidance.

    This is such a beautiful idea. Thank you for send love out into the universe.

    1. You going on the board Jessica! We’re praying for you and that you are able to silence the world around you and hear his voice of guidance. You are strong for seeking his guidance in your life! I have confidence he will lead you there.

  3. I love this idea. Every night we say prayers for friends, family, and even strangers, but the visual of having it on a board to be reminded is a great idea! I am in desperate need of prayers. I am a young mom of two young girls, ages 6 and 3. I have stage 4 appendiceal cancer and am currently going through chemotherapy. They believe I am currently cancer free after two surgeries and chemo, but the cancer is very stubborn and there is always concern as to when and how aggressive it will come back. I love all prayers because it’s important for me to be able to see my babies grow up! Again, thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi Ashley! You are so strong and positive, for your babies and your family! We pray that God heals your body and only grows your strength in yourself and your love for Him. You are on our board. Please keep in touch through comments. I may start a prayer group in FB so I that happens I’ll definitely let you know. Keep fighting friend! And thank you for sharing your story, my son will be learning a lot from you and others like you so thank you!

  4. LOVE IT SUMMER!!! That is such a great idea….
    The Power of Prayer! I started my boys at a young age as well!
    Great job!!!

  5. Love you Summer! And love this. Thank you for the encouragement to keep prayer alive in our homes and hearts. ❤️

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