The Great (round) Coffee Table Round Up

The Great (round) Coffee Table Round Up

The Great (round) Coffee Table Round Up

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you’ve had a great weekend so far. So it looks like I’m falling into a rhythm of Sunday posting and I think this is working for me. Do you like getting posts on Sundays?

Friday is my flex day that I use for all things blog related. I work on projects, take pictures and write posts. Then on Saturdays I can finish editing and tie up any loose ends and schedule the post email for first thing Sunday morning. If you don’t receive our posts by email make sure to sign up where it says subscribe on the right side bar so you don’t mis anything!

Now lets get on with today’s topic! The round coffee table. My other half, KK as he’s affectionally called by us, is in dire need of a coffee table for his recently re-decorated living room. (There will be a post coming on this later.) It needs to be round, between 28″-32″ and hopefully under $500.

I found a collection of tables that I love and I’m hoping he will get on board with at least one. He is very picky though, and has way too many opinions on home decor LOL so we’ll see. I’d love to know your favorite so leave a comment below.

  1. Mother of Pearl Coffee Table. $279.96 + Free Shipping. This table from Pier 1 might be my absolute favorite! I love the slight iridescent color and it’s overall uniqueness.
  2. Rattan Ottoman from Urban Outfitters. $299. I’m always a sucker for a good rattan table or ottoman and this one fits the bill perfectly. Rattan really does go with almost any style in my opinion.
  3. Gold Hammered Coffee Table. $329.99 + 25% off. This gold hammered table is a classic stylish choice! If gold isn’t your thing don’t worry it comes in silver too.
  4. Drum Storage Coffee Table. $599. This one is definitely a splurge so we would probably wait for it to go on sale before we buy it. You really can’t go wrong with West Elm though and I love the storage aspect. It’s also a handcrafted product and Fair Trade certified.
  5. Oval Tufted Ottoman. $226.26 + Free 2-Day Shipping. I wanted to include this one because I love a fabric covered table because they feel good under your feet. I like the gray color and although it’s bigger than we need, because it is oval I think it might work. It’s just a unique piece and really affordable.
  6. Origami Coffee Table. On Sale for $399.20. Another WE beauty, this one appeals to me because of the open bottom. I think this style will potentially make the room feel bigger and more open.
  7. Upholstered Storage Ottoman. $499. This is a great option because there are over 40 different fabrics to choose from in this West Elm storage table.
  8. Wood and Metal Coffee Table. $329.99 + 25% Off. I love the mixed metal and wood of this one and the open bottom. This one is a little more casual and I like that.

So friends, I’m dying to know which is your favorite.?!?! And I promise, I’ll let you know what we choose!


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  1. Love all- but the West Elm upholstered one is my favorite. Here’s why.
    Flat surface for decorating or using- placing a glass or plate
    Sturdy enough to put your feet up on it without worrying about damage or tipping over.
    And having storage is always a bonus.

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