Top 10 Favorites From The 2018 IKEA Catalog

Top 10 Favorites From The 2018 IKEA Catalog

Top 10 Favorites From The 2018 IKEA Catalog

Happy Hump Day friends! I hope you are all having a great week! I hadn’t planned to post much while on vacation but I’ve had a little down time to scour a few magazines, including the 2018 IKEA catalog and I had to share some of my favorite finds!

Here are my top 10 picks from the IKEA catalog and I can’t wait to hear what yours are too!

1. TILLAGD 20-piece flatware set, $59.99

I’m going start with the best instead of saving it for last y’all! IKEA is FINALLY carrying gold flatware! Can I get a virtual fist bump from everyone?!?!?

2. EKET Cabinet with 4 compartments, $50.00

We’ve been looking for better book storage for my son’s books and I love this stylish and affordable storage cabinet with the optional base and the deep blue color is my favorite. I think we’re going to put two side-by-side to hold all of his books with room to add to the collection!

3. STRANDMON Wing chair, $229.00 (On Sale)

The Strandmom chair and ottoman are the perfect addition to any room, particularly in this light aqua hue.

4. EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp, $399.00

I love this unique sofa, not because I would use it in our home necessarily, but it’s super cool for a dorm or small apartment space!

5. RISSNA Coffee table, $149.00

Love, just love love love, this coffee table. Enough said.

6. ODGER Chair, $75.00

This chic new dining chair is a perfect way to mix new with old. I can see it paired perfectly with a large wooden farm table!

7. STOCKHOLM Cabinet, $349.00

This cabinet is all the rage right now and I’m equally smitten as the rest of the IKEA enthusiasts. Although the price tag is a bit higher the style factor is off the charts!

8. STOCKHOLM Chair with cushion, $249.00

I love the design of this chair and it’s great for indoors or outdoors!

9. SÖDERHAMN Sectional, $978.00

How perfect is this blush colored sectional?!

10. LOHALS Rug, $139.00

One of the greatest finds this year is this large jute rug! Only $139 for a 6’7″ x 10″, it’s the steal of the century!

BONUS: BEHAGA Series, starting at $1.99

I absolutely adore this series of plates, bowls and napkins, perfect for simple fall soirees!

Do you guys get the IKEA catalog? What are your favorites? I would love to know any of the must haves that I’m missing!


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