Top 5 Friday: Five Favorite (Not Just) Style Bloggers

Top 5 Friday: Five Favorite (Not Just) Style Bloggers

Happy Friday folks and what a week it has been!

Today for Top 5 Friday I want to share my five favorite style bloggers that share so much more than just their impeccable abilities to put together fabulous outfits day in and day out. These ladies are full of faith, family, food, travel and so many other things that I thought you should have the opportunity to check them out.

1. Brighton the Day

I cannot tell you how much I love Brighton from Brighton the Day blog! She is wise beyond her years and openly shares her faith with the world in the most funny, down to earth way. And she has this endearing way of rambling on her Instagram stories that I just have to listen to what she’s saying.

Top 5 Friday: Five Favorite (Not Just) Style Bloggers

2. Pure Joy Home

Meet Liz! She shares everything from style to travel to her real-life home life which is what I love about her the most. She has fantastic in store try-on sessions on Instagram stories and just radiates authenticity. She’s super cute and is not afraid to be honest about motherhood, even when she’s had a bad day.

3. Living with Landyn

The title of Landyn’s blog really says it all. When I read her blog or follow along on Instagram I really feel like I am in fact – living with Landyn! She is incredibly funny and clearly inspires so many women on her journey…and she’s constantly eating in her car which I secretly happen to love!

{Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck}

4. Polished Closets

Maggie of Polished Closets is from Charlotte and we actually get to be friends in real life…yay! Maggie is one of the kindest people I’ve ever meet and she truly has a unique style that’s all her own. She is a young mother to a beautiful son and I love seeing them together on the blog. Maggie is also an organization nut like me so definitely look to her for some great tips.

{photo by deeana kourtney photography}

5. A Thoughtful Place

I have followed Courtney since the very beginning of my blogging journey and I am a huge fan! I’m also pretty sure I’ve mentioned her here before. She has the most adorable family and shares from her heart how sacred family is and even date nights with her husband. Courtney is just the whole package!

BONUS: Itsy Bitsy Indulgences

Shannon of Itsy Bitsy Indulgences is my newest blog/Instagram crush! She is all about balanced living and shares lots of healthy food, travel and fitness tips. And she kinda has the coolest, casual mom-style around. Oh and her daughter is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve seen!

So, do you follow any of these fabulous ladies already? If not, you should definitely check them out for some positive, stylish and all around fun inspiration!



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  1. All of Courtney’s ladies pitched in so that she could be ready in time for us to squeeze in a first look! Since it was SO hot and sunny I was very thankful for this beautiful ivy covered nook near where Courtney got ready.

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