DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack Ideas

DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack Ideas

Happy Wednesday!

Soooo…I’ve got MAJOR spring fever over here but since I did just post my fall/winter capsule wardrobe and now I’m talking about firewood I can totally understand your confusion. I can’t really explain the capsule wardrobe one other than that I kept putting it off because it was a pretty lengthy post and the pictures took FOREVER!

But I CAN explain the firewood holder situation :) You see, we live in North Carolina and have a gas fireplace inside that obviously doesn’t require fire logs. We primarily use firewood in the spring and fall because we love to have fires on the deck, roast marshmallows for the kids and hang out with neighbors!

If you saw on Instagram stories I’m in the process of refreshing our deck for spring and in the midst of cleaning last weekend we dropped and broke our chiminea. It was as sad sight and now I’m in the market for a new fire pit! I’m also switching some furniture and have decided that I want to build a firewood holder so I’ve been perusing the web for some great DIY ideas!

This is our deck right after we finished building and decorating it. And that is my lovely little white chiminea that took a tragic tumble. I’m planning to replace the red cooler with the firewood holder and we will have a different furniture setup too.

Here are some great ideas that I found and I think I’m close to narrowing down a design!


1. I like that this one is metal and looks super easy to put together. I can probably find a place to buy one like this instead of DIY’ing it! Source

DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack Ideas

2. This looks like a pretty easy DIY and I love the planter on top. Source

DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack Ideas planter

3. Ana White can do no wrong when it comes to building and she offers great free plans on her site so I would feel confident tackling this! Source

DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack Ideas simple

4. The feature I love about this one is that it has a top that could be used as a counter or prep space for grilling. Source

DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack Ideas with a top

5. This is a great vertical option and the industrial piping is a great material to use for a chic design. I think this would be great indoors or out. Source

DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack Ideas vertical

6. I love that this one is painted dark and blends in well with the exterior of the home. I think I have some leftover exterior paint that I could use and actually achieve this look! The wheels are turning now… Source

DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack Ideas camouflage

7. I think this one from Wood Grain Cottage is my favorite design overall because I love the casters so it can roll around and it seems very sturdy. I’m considering this design and adding a top to it. What do you think? Source

DIY Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack Ideas on wheels

I love all of these examples of firewood storage racks and I have an idea coming together! I think I’ll design one similar to #7, paint it to match the house like #6 and add a top like #4. Sound like a plan? I’d love to know your thoughts!


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