First Timer!

Mommy & Liam ~
First Timer!


I am Summer and I am glad you are here! I am new at this, but it has been a long time coming.  I quit my full-time job and found a great part-time job so I can spend more time with my amazing five-year-old son and in my free time {which really is not accurate because I am busier than ever!} I am spending my time loving on my  little bungalow home, doing DIY projects with little to no money given I have taken a HUGE pay cut, and learning how to be a more “hands on” mom, DIY’er, blogger and all around happier, more passionate person.  I am not a designer or interior decorator but I love working in my home and changing the decor every few months.  As you can imagine my little “hobby” can get pretty expensive so I hope you will find lots of simple, semi-creative and often coastal inspired ideas here without having to shell out every penny.  Let’s shoot for creative together!



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