Get The Look: Traditional design, rich color and painted trim


I know white rooms and walls are all the rage, and you know I love them as much as the next person if you saw my kitchen reno reveal. But I’d be lying if I said I was not incredibly inspired by the richly painted monochromatic walls and trim, dramatic moldings and ornate gold frames in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Last month I traveled with my family to D.C. to do a little sight seeing before heading to Alexandria for the Lowe’s Spring Makeover and when I walked in to the National Gallery I stopped in my tracks. I stood there with my jaw on the floor snapping pictures as fast as my fingers could push the button, all the while trying to keep my little guy from touching all the priceless art :)


I had visited the gallery in my college years but wasn’t nearly as tuned into interiors and decor as I am now. I was shocked by how moved I was this time around. Who knew 18th century American interior design would capture me this way.

The massive amount of molding was breathtaking. The colors were flawless. Deep teal, warm mauve, opaque green, timeless taupes. All of which contrasted perfectly with the ornate gold frames. And the artwork itself was to die for of course!


I love the monochromatic rooms but the two-toned walls were also speaking to me.


I don’t know if I would go as far as applying this style to my entire house but you better believe I’m tempted to throw a dark color in a room with some chunky molding and large, gold framed art or mirrors!


I had to share this one just for the sheer size!


In my search I did find some beautifully decorated spaces in this traditional style that are a must see! Designers who can pull of this look in modern homes inspire me. Check them out:



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Donna Dotan Photography Inc.

{source / photo by Donna Dotan Photography Inc.} 

I’m dying to know…what do you think? Do you love the look in a museum but wouldn’t attempt it in your home? Completely hate it? Or love it so much you wish you could live in the gallery?

If you give it a big thumbs up I’ve gathered some vintage inspired artwork sources for you right here:

(click the images below)

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  1. I love that the traditional fireplace has more modern mosaic tile surround and modern looking sconces. The gray color updates the look as well, so this is what I’d call a timeless look in home decor. Love this post! It really gets you thinking.

    1. Thanks so much Sherrie! It does make you think doesn’t it? I agree with you on the image with the gray walls, I love how they modernized the look! Have a great day!

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