Love It or Lose It: Natural Wood In The Kitchen

Good morning you guys! Sorry, I couldn’t get my post finished up yesterday with all of that commercial Super Bowl watching but hopefully I’m back on track! Can you believe that play call by Seattle?

Since I have the kitchen reno on the brain I’ve stumbled across a few pictures of wood cabinets or feature pieces in kitchens that have stuck with me. I don’t know if the natural wood cabinet trend is on the rebound but I’m interested to know your thoughts.

Certainly the wood that I’m drawn to are not the traditional wood style cabinets but I’d be lying if I said the trend hasn’t grabbed my attention.

I love this darker wood, almost cherry, base cabinets paired with the white uppers and subway tile. The open shelves and bamboo shade help to tie it all together.

Love It or Lose It: Natural Wood In The Kitchen

{via Design Manifest}

This neutral kitchen is pretty rustic but there is something about the almost unfinished look of the cabinets with the ceiling beams that works.

Love It or Lose It: Natural Wood In The Kitchen

{via Tone On Tone Antiques}

Now this I could get used to with a few modern fixtures added.


{via BHG}

Joanna and Chip Gaines of the HGTV show Fixer Upper can do know wrong in my eyes and this feature island is no exception. The plank wall and hood with the subways and industrial piping are a killer combo! If you haven’t tuned into their show you should check it out. It’s definitely a must see!

Love It or Lose It: Natural Wood In The Kitchen

{via HGTV}

So I’m dying to know what you think about the wood cabinet trend. LOVE IT OR LOSE IT?

And who knows this might become a regular series too :)

I hope you have a wonderfully productive week everyone!





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  1. #2 Is my favorite, kind of cerused, I believe that’s what the term is. Think of doing this to my kitchen cabinets.

  2. So, I love all the kitchens, but if you’re looking for feedback, I can “pick” them apart for you and give my opinion. Oh, and I too love, love Fixer Upper!
    1st picture: the one thing that bothers me, is the cabinets appear to be a warmer white vs the white-white subway tile and countertop. I love the cabinets. I feel like this kitchen needs some color though.
    2nd picture: eventhough the color is cohesive, it doesn’t need “color” like the first picture. I prefer, #2 over #1.
    3rd picture: love this kitchen. the windows, the light. would like the cabinets to be a tad warmer like the floor. I prefer the stain on the floor more than the cabinets.
    4th picture: not a huge fan of the island. maybe it’s too dark or too rugged or too industrial. Not sure if I really like it. I like aspects of this kitchen, but maybe it’s too much stain with the gray? Not quite sure…
    Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re all lovely. If I had to pick one, it would be 2nd picture…maybe with a honed marble counter though… :)

    1. Thanks SO much Debra for your thoughts! I also love picture #2! I think the only thing I would change is the wall color. I would have gone lighter, white, cream or off-white, so that the wood pops more! I love #4 but it’s not quite enough my style to actually use in my own home. Thank you so much for reading!

    2. I’m six years late to this conversation, but doing a kitchen remodel in an Austrian Chalet (its an authentic replica in California, but has issues from the 80’s in style). Debra hit it on the head for me and could design my kitchen anytime!

  3. I’m a light bright kinda’ girl. I can find a lot of beautiful wood kitchens that I would love, but first I’d need a large kitchen with lots of windows and a light counter top! So that said I have none of those! My small, quaint kitchen is perfect with me but I go light and bright with my white cabinets, my pale sage green walls, and my gray granite. So easy for me to decorate around and change out for seasons if needed, I love it.

  4. I love the natural wood…I have natural cherry cabinets and love them…I’ve had them for 10 years and they still look classic.

  5. i am a fan when the wood is gorgeous and rustic. i don’t like builder grade, and mine weren’t even real wood so needed to be gutted or painted. since paint costs $20 vs the thousands new cabinets would have cost, we went with paint. but if i could afford it i would love rustic wood cabinetry!

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