My First Halloween Vignette

Okay, I am going to let you in on a little embarrassing secret so here goes.  Now that I like to consider myself a “DIY” blogger I have realized there are some things I should probably know about and one of those things is a vignette.  I am not sure where I have been but I didn’t know what that word meant several months ago and when I looked it up in the dictionary I still didn’t quite understand.  But after seeing this new term pop up all over the blogosphere and after many hours of perusing Pinterest I finally get it.  And I love it!  We had so much fun creating this halloween vignette that I almost can’t wait to take it down and move to a fall one and then on to Christmas!  Yes, I said the “C” word already.  Here are the pictures of my very first vignette so please don’t judge it too harshly!

My First Halloween Vignette ~ www.simplestylings.com
My First Halloween Vignette


My First Halloween Vignette ~ www.simplestylings.com
My First Halloween Vignette



So, what do you think?  When I tell you this project was simple I am not kidding.  We used a lot of things we had around our house such as the metal vases, the wine bottle (which of course I emptied gladly), and the white dish.  My son and I collected the sticks one day when we were walking our dogs and sprayed them with the cheapest black spray paint I could find.  I think it was $.98 from Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Most of the other decorations came from Walgreen’s, believe it or not.  Another secret…Walgreen’s is one of my favorite stores.  They have the greatest reward program and so many cute things that are often on sale, especially their seasonal decor.  I think the most I spent was $5.99 for the bat decals from Target.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.  What have you done in your home to decorate for fall or halloween?  I would love to see pics!


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      1. Not this year. We’re moving like 4 days after Halloween so I’m not decorating. But I’ll have all that space to decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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