One Room Challenge Week 6: Laundry Room Reveal

It’s Friday eve friends and it’s time for the One Room Challenge reveal! I’m going to start this post by confessing that this is the first ever One Room Challenge that I haven’t technically finished on time. The room itself is done but I haven’t finished building all three of the barn doors. Mostly because large blocks of time to get anything done are hard to come by these days!

Also, there is a disclaimer: This space is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph! Paige did an amazing job as always but the angles are just too tight to get a wide enough shot :( I hope you can get the big picture because it sure does look even better in real life.

One Room Challenge Week 6: Laundry Room Reveal

The flamingo wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct is perfect in this small space! The paper is super thick and has lots of texture. I’m so glad I waited to start the project until it came back in stock.

The three small mirrors help conceal the main water shut off and also reflects light. They were $1.00 from the Habitat Restore.


Moving right along to my next favorite part: the barn door hardware! At first I was terrified to attempt the install but once I dove in I realized it was WAY easier than I had made it out to be in my head. The instructions were easily understood and it only required a few small tools. I think hanging the mounting board was actually harder than installing the hardware itself.


I’m still working on the doors as I want to hang them so that they clear the molding above the door. I REALLY don’t want to remove the molding. They slide perfectly but they are heavy and hang slanted with the sliders attached to the back of the door. Anyway, I know that is TMI but I’ll have them tweaked soon enough.  Barn door aficionados, feel free to offer up advice! And by the way, attaching the sliders to the doors was just as easy as installing the track! I plan on posting about how I built the doors eventually!


Next up is another favorite element in the room, the adorable cabinet! This is a hanging shelf unit turned laundry cabinet from Modular Closets. I recently outfitted my little man’s closet with one of these systems and we love it! And, when I found out they offer door options I knew this ‘cabinet’ would be perfect for the space!

This is the 24″ unit and it’s the perfect size! I found these fun knobs from Hobby Lobby and I painted them pink to match the paper. We adore them!





The capiz shell light won the battle for the chandelier spot and I really think it fits! The light that it casts is fun too!


You can’t see the floor area but I plan on moving the cat’s litter boxes here to get them out of bedrooms. Oh and would you believe I forgot to put the rug out for the photos? I really need a nap!


{Photos by Paige Winn Photo}

So that’s a wrap on the finale! I’m dying to know what you guys think? I’m bummed I didn’t finish building the doors but just the sight of the pink one I did finish gives me butterflies!

Here was the original design board and I feel like we stayed pretty true to it, don’t you think?


Just a recap of the Project Punch List:

laundry room demo & prep

replace washer & dryer

shop for accessories

install light fixture

install wallpaper

finish installing barn door hardware

finish building barn doors

put together & hang cabinet


If you missed the project from the beginning you can catch up here: Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4 // Week 5

Make sure to head over to Calling It Home to see all of other amazing room updates!



{A huge thank you to National Hardware for supplying the barn door hardware, to Modular Closets for providing the cabinet and to Wallpaper Direct for sending the paper. I couldn’t have done it without you! This is not a sponsored post.}

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  1. That flamingo wallpaper is so fun. And I love that you went for the pink doors. It’s like a little hint of the fun behind them. Great job as always!

  2. Pink for the win!! I love that barn door!!! Excellent job! I’ve been cheering on my fellow laundry makeover friends for this challenge and this is simply beautiful!

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