To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More

To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More

To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More

Happy Wednesday friends!

I hadn’t planned on posting today but there’s something about being in my parents beach house with a little extra space to breathe and think that inspires the soul a little more than normal! So the question of the day is – to paint or not to paint our stone tile fireplace surround.

You guys know I love to change things around in my house, literally more than any human really should, and I’ve definitely got the itch! My dad remodeled our fireplace quite a few years ago and installed the stone tile from the floor to ceiling. The tile is beautiful but I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that one day it might get painted…maybe.

I know the white everything trend is still going strong and has probably been overdone but I can’t help but be drawn to crisp, clean white rooms. I think it’s more of the ever-increasing minimalist in me rather than the actual white walls trend that draws me in. Either way I love it, I’m guilty!

Our walls downstairs are currently painted Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams (still one of my all-time favorite paint colors) and we have paneling in the living room that is Pure White, also by SW. I love the Sea Salt but I’ve tossed around the idea of painting everything Pure White just for a little change. I’m a little worried that it would be too stark but it’s certainly not out of the question! But the biggest change I’m mulling over is painting the stone fireplace white or some kind of white wash.

Once I start I know I can’t go back so I really want to take my time with the decision and research it fully before jumping the gun. I would also like to get your opinion so please leave a comment below whether you think I should paint or not paint the fireplace stone!

The stone tile is from Lowe’s and they had a more white version which I didn’t choose at the time. If I had it to do again (and I could see the future) I might have gone with the lighter, whiter version, but regardless I’ve been very happy with the tile.

I’ve done a little searching on how to paint these types of stone tiles and there isn’t a lot out there but the information I did find makes it seem doable and not too hard either. Here are some inspiration images and DIY tutorials that I’ve found in my search.

Our Current Stone Tile Fireplace

To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More our stone

Painted Stone Fireplace Inspiration:

To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More bethany


To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More white


To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More large stone


To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More rustic


To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More coastal


To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More all white


This is a mantel/fireplace makeover that I designed for a client friend of mine and I loved the way it turned out!


To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More mantel


mantel makeover

Here is an example of a white washed brick fireplace.

To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More brick


This DIY faux fireplace by Blesser House is helping convince me to go all the way because Lauren white washed her stone first but ultimately decided she preferred the all-white look.

To Paint Or Not To Paint? Stone Tile Fireplace + More faux

So what’s the verdict? To paint or not to paint…the fireplace stone and/or the walls?

I need all the input I can get so PLEASE leave a comment below with your vote!


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  1. Do it! I just painted mine and I absolutely love it!! Plan on getting a full fireplace renovation to tile in a few years anyways so it’s not big deal.. it definitely opened up my living room, as my walls are kinda dark

  2. Did you end up painting? I was ready to get mine done and then the painter said he would not do it out of fear it would not adhere to the natural stone. I still really want to do it and your examples are the first I’ve seen that aren’t brick.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, no I didn’t end up painting mine yet but I do think it can be done. There are a lot of diy’s out there and we did have a painter paint these stones and it turned out great.

  3. I just went through the same decision-making process and opted NOT to paint. There is something beautiful and organic about the natural stone or brick which I think really helps to ground a room which is predominantly white or light. The pictures you posted of the painted stone and brick look very sterile to my eye. I think white is a beautiful backdrop for natural elements such as brick, stone, woven planters, green leafy plants, etc. and looks modern.

  4. I love the fireplace you have and would not ruin it by painting it white.
    The white is a trend that will probably eventually change. You will not ever be able to get those colors back once they are painted.
    Obviously, it is your fireplace. Just be sure you are “all in” before you paint it.

  5. I think you’re on the fence so then don’t do it. If you really loved the idea then you probably would have already painted it. I love the painted white fireplace in the 5th picture (with the hide rug) but think it works because of the wood ceiling and wood floor. You put a white ceiling or light floor in that picture and it would be too much white. Love your blog and your style!

  6. If you paint, you are going to lose the tonal affect of the individual stones…all the pieces will look the same. There will be no variation in the stone pieces. The natural stones are beautiful and make your fireplace wall a feature. If you paint, it will become a texture.
    I have Sea Salt in my bedroom and it is my alltime favorite, tranquil color. I LOVE it.
    Good Luck deciding…whatever you choose will be the right decision for you.
    I absolutely adore your parents place on the water! It is a very well thought out home and so welcoming. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks so much Celeste! I’m leaning towards keeping the stone and maybe changing up the walls. I’ll definitely put Sea Salt in another room if I change this one because it’s my favorite too!

  7. Think long and hard, as it isn’t changeable. I would think it is pretty light to begin with. Your thought processes sound like mine! I would also hesitate. Try all the other changes and then decide. Good luck.

    1. Thanks so much Merna! I used to make decisions too quickly but now I definitely try to take my time. I agree that it is still pretty light so I may change the wall color first and see what I think about it then.

  8. I say go for it! I do think that earthy stone has a dated look. It reminds me of my travertine kitchen backsplash that I painted white. I won’t be perfectly happy until I replace it but it was a great temporary inexpensive fix. I like those images of the white stone. You’ll never tire of that.

  9. I think it’s important to evaluate the stone on your fireplace before painting. Yours isn’t dated and provides warmth and interest to the space. White is definitely overdone and doesn’t differentiate your blog. Your right, no changing it later.

  10. I say GO FOR IT!!!! I love all things white on white. You cannot go wrong in my humble opinion. Can’t wait to find out what you decide!

  11. Don’t paint. Your fireplace is so pretty. I love the inspiration photos you posted but I really feel you will regret it down the road.

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